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Habitability: Installation and Materials

Washington, United States
Government : Military
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Fleet Logistics Center Puget Sound intends to procure installation services and materials for various furnishings for the Wardroom, Lounges, Conference Room, Barber Shop, Ships Store, and Mess Decks spaces. This includes supplying and installing furniture, false bulkheads, sneeze shields, doors, cabinets, counters, doors, display cases, mirrors, and lighting for a CVN-70. This procurement will be made utilizing FAR Part 12 and 13.5 procedures for an expected a commercial, Firm, Fixed-price Supply Contract. The anticipated date of award is 16 August 2019.

Installation is expected to occur between 01 September 2019 and 30 March 2020. This procurement includes shipboard habitability (furniture) items.
Per NAVSEA Technical Publication T9640-AC-DSP-010/HAB dated 02 July 2013 as invoked by OPNAVINST 9640.1B, all shipboard habitability items shall meet one or more of the following requirements: (1) item is listed in U.S. Navy Shipboard Furniture Catalog S9600-AD-GTP-010 at; (2) item is the subject of a NAVSEA hull type or standard drawing; (3) furniture and equipment selected from other than the U.S. Navy Shipboard Furniture Catalog shall be in accordance with MIL-PRF-32038 and shall be submitted to NAVSEA and the Habitability Life Cycle Manager (LCM) (Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Naval Business Center, Habitability Section) for approval prior to procurement and installation.
All items offered per requirement (3) will be required to demonstrate the ability to meet the standards specified prior to the solicitation closing date.

FLCPS will only award a contract resulting from this solicitation for items which have been approved for shipboard use by NSWC Carderock. Interested parties are referred to the NSWC Carderock Division website at for the Vendor Submittal Form on the menu listed on the right side of the page. Complete and submit the form as directed on the website. You will be contacted by a NSWC Carderock Representative who will assist you through the product approval process. Sources for approved shipboard furniture appearing in the US Navy Shipboard Furniture Catalog (S9600-AD-GTP-10) are identified in the ESources for Shipboard Furniture document posted at
This procurement will comply with the Habitability Procurement Policy found at
Habitability furniture (products) not previously approved by the LCM shall require certification from the manufacturer that the furniture (including all components) meets the shipboard requirements and is shipboard worthy/authorized. This certification is an essential element of the data submitted to the LCM by the contractor as part of any request for approval.

All responsible sources may submit a bid, proposal or quotation which shall be considered by FLCPS This solicitation and any subsequent amendments will be posted to the NECO website:
Prospective offerors are responsible for downloading their own copy of the solicitation from this website and for frequently monitoring that site for any amendments. The Government is not responsible for any inability of the offeror to access the posted documents. No telephone or FAX requests will be accepted, and no hard-copy solicitation/amendment will be mailed or Faxed.

Brooke Butcher 360-476-0844

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