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Grease Trap Removal Services

Texas, United States
Government : Federal
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THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT ANNOUNCEMENT ONLY - Solicitations are not available at this time. This notice does not constitute a commitment by the Government. The Bureau of Prisons has a future requirement for a Grease Trap Removal Services located at Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), Williamsburg. The NAICS Code is 562998. The Contractor shall provide services removing grease and food waste from the institutions grease traps at Federal Correctional Institutional/Satellite Prison Camp Williamsburg, Facilities Department, 8301 Hwy 521, Salters, South Carolina.

The contractor must allow 20 minutes each way to enter the rear gate and secure area. The contractor will be required to perform removal services of grease and food waste every other week on Monday, Thursday or Friday, excluding Federal Holidays. Hours will be between 7:30 am to 3:00 pm and will be mutually agreed upon between the contractor and the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR). The COR will be responsible for defining bi-weekly schedules. The contractor will provide a licensed truck and equipment capable of handling the removal and transporting of waste for disposal. Only equipment required to perform the service will be allowed in the FCI and this equipment must receive prior authorization from the Facility Manager, no cellular phones will be allowed in the institution they will be retained in the rear gate until departure.

Contractor will be required to perform removal services of grease and food waste every other week for the FCI and Camp. The contractor will pump out and clean the grease traps and dispose of the waste in accordance with all city/county, State and Federal requirements. All material located within the container upon removal become the property and responsibility of the contractor to dispose of in a lawful manner. These services, although not directly supervised, will be under the administrative review of the General Foreman, and the performance of these services will be verified by the designated COR.

There are three (3) tanks. The tank at the FCI is a 5,000 gallon capacity container and will be pumped out completely every other week. The Camp has a 5,000 gallon capacity container which will be pumped out completely every other week. One container is 1,000 gallon capacity and will also be pumped out every other week; this tank is located at a thirty (30) foot lift station. Four times per year the two tanks will be completely pumped out and cleaned by the contractor. Contractor must remove all grease and food waste in one visit to the institution, multiple trips will not be approved for the bi-weekly pumping of the grease trap due to security of the institution.
The contractor shall be licensed /permitted by the State of South Carolina and will be provided evidence of proper waste disposal, in accordance with all current Federal, State, and local codes, laws, and requirements regarding disposal of solid waste. Contractor must supply FCI Williamsburg, before contract start date, the name, point of contact and telephone number for the company where the waste will be disposed. If this changes during the duration of the contract period, all updates must be given to FCI Williamsburg. A manifest that includes the dump site must be provided to the institution.

A Government solicitation document to provide these services is being developed, and a contract may or may not result. Market research is being conducted to determine interest and capability of potential sources for this requirement. All information submitted in response to this announcement is voluntary the Government will not pay for information requested nor will it compensate any respondent for any cost incurred in developing information provided to the Government. The Market Survey Questionnaire will be available on or about October 13, 2017, and will be distributed solely through Federal Business Opportunities. All future information about this acquisition, including solicitation and/or amendments, will be distributed solely through this site. Interested parties are responsible for monitoring this site to ensure that they have the most up-to-date information regarding this acquisition. Faith-Based and Community-Based Organizations can submit offers/quotes equally with other organizations for contracts for which they are eligible. The response date for the market survey is Friday, November 10, 2017. No collect calls will be accepted. No telephone request or written requests for the market survey will be accepted. All responses to the Market Survey Questionnaire must be submitted via email to If you have any questions, please send all correspondence to the aforementioned email. Please note: All contractors doing business with the Federal Government must be registered in the System For Award Management (SAM) database. The website for registration is

LaShundra D. Thomas, Contracting Officer, Phone 9723524529, Fax 9723524545, Email

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