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Grease Trap Removal Services - WIL

Texas, United States
Government : Federal
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Please see the below responses to questions that were asked regarding this solicitation.
1)Can the tanks be pumped on the same week - eg Tank at camp one day, then the tank at the prison the next day etc? They should both be pumped on the same day due to security reasons of entry and staffing availability.

2) What is a 30 ft lift station? Does that mean the debris etc will have to be lifted 30 feet? The lift station is at the end of the auger monster and the pit is cleaned and pumped approximately 30 feet deep.  Must be attentive to waste stream maintenance to avoid penalties.

3) Can the materials be mixed - if one tank is not full, can the other be cleaned in same truckload? All tanks need to be pumped to bottom of 5000 gallons as needed per visit.

4) When were the tanks installed, and have they ever been cleaned out?
Our tanks have been installed since activation 2005 and serviced every 2 weeks.

LaShundra D. Thomas, Contracting Officer, Phone 9723524529, Fax 9723524545, Email

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