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Granulated Activated Carbon Maintenance at the water treatment plant facility NAS Lemoore California

California, United States
Government : Military
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This is a Sources Sought Synopsis Small Business.  This is not a solicitation announcement and there are no Request for Proposal (RFP) documents to download. 

This synopsis is a market research tool being utilized to determine the availability of qualified sources prior to issuing an RFP.  The Government is seeking qualified sources relative to NAICS classification 221310, Water Supply and Irrigation Systems.    

The applicable small business size standard is $30 Million, average annual gross receipts for the preceding three fiscal years.  For more information refer to ; Responses to this sources sought synopsis will be used to make appropriate acquisition decisions.  After review of the responses to this sources sought synopsis.  Responses to this sources sought are not an adequate response to a solicitation announcement.  As there is no proposal package or solicitation at this time, no telephone calls will be accepted requesting a proposal package or solicitation.  Only response to source sough submitted by Small Business will be accepted by the Government.  Any response that is submitted by a contractor that is not Small Business will not be considered.  In order to protect the procurement integrity of any future procurement, if any, that may arise from this announcement, information regarding the technical point of contact will not be given.

The general scope of this requirement may be a Firm-Fixed Price (FFP) service contract to provide all labor, management, supervision, tools, material, and equipment required to perform Facility Investment services for Drinking Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Filter Maintenance at NAS Lemoore.

The Facility Investment requirements within this sub-annex primarily consist of infrastructure sustainment.  Sustainment is the maintenance and repair necessary to keep an inventory of facilities and other assets in good working order.

The Contractor shall perform maintenance for the sustainment of GAC media for the

following facility assets:


• Maximo Location: LEMOOR-734 -Lemoore NAS-Potable Water Treatment

Plant 734 Filter Beds

• Maximo Assets:

• Asset #: UMA226000207, Filter, FB-01, Multimedia

• Asset #  UMA226000208, Filter, FB-02, Multimedia

• Asset #: UMA226000209, Filter, FB-03, Multimedia

• Asset #: UMA226000210, Filter, FB-04, Multimedia

The GAC must be maintained by replacement and reactivation such that NAS Lemoore reliably and consistently maintains compliance with Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Regulations as described in 40 CFR § 141.64 Maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for disinfection byproducts.

NAS Lemoore treats surface water from the California Aqueduct System by conventional filtration with GAC filter beds and as described in 40 CFR § 141.64(b)(2), NAS Lemoore is a system that uses [free] chlorine as both the primary and residual disinfectant.  The purpose of the GAC in the filter beds is to reduce Total Organic Carbon (TOC) by adsorption and biodegradation, so that the level of disinfection byproducts formed by primary disinfection at the treatment plant and residual disinfection in the distribution system will not exceed the regulatory MCL.

NAS Lemoore has effectively reduced TOC and maintains compliance with the disinfection-by-products maximum contaminant level regulation using virgin and custom municipal reactivated Calgon Carbon Filtrasorb 300M GAC.

Each of the four filter beds in the in the reinforced-concrete filter structure is nine (9) feet in width, thirty-six (36) feet in length, and fourteen (14) feet in depth.  The beds vertically include 10" of clay tile underdrain filter blocks, overlain with approximately 12" of gravel support media, 12" of sand filter media, and 30 inches of granular activated carbon (GAC) filter media. Above the media, each filter has four "S" type rotary surface wash spray arms, filter wash piping, and five filter feed/wash water troughs. During GAC exchanges the last two years, we have noted that there is less sand and more GAC, such that if the extraction level is increased to the full 30", the contracted is not expected to encounter significant sand. 

The filters, including the GAC and sand, also are used to meet Federal and State Surface Water Treatment filtration requirements as described in 40 CFR § 141 Subpart H-Filtration and Disinfection and Subpart P-Enhanced Filtration and Disinfection-Systems Serving 10,000 or More People. The filters typically operate as a conventional treatment plant with filtration following coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation, but also may be used in direct filtration mode (bypassing sedimentation) when the clarifier is offline for maintenance.

To sustain the GAC, the contractor will replace the spent GAC in a filter with a blend of virgin and/or blend of virgin and custom segregated reactivated GAC.  The contractor will remove by hydraulics approximately 30" of spent GAC from a filter, down to a level 134" below the top of the filter wall.  The contractor will then refill the filter bed with NSF 61 certified virgin GAC or a blend of custom segregated reactivated GAC (removed prior from NAS Lemoore's WTP) and virgin (makeup) GAC.  The bed shall be filled with approximately 30" of GAC to a level that is 104" below the top of the filter wall.  The contractor will transport the spent GAC removed from the filter to the contractor's NSF 61 certified custom segregated reactivation facility for AWWA B605 custom segregated reactivation and hold the reactivated GAC in segregated storage for future GAC exchanges.

The volume of GAC to be exchanged per filter is 30" x 9' x 36' bed, or 810 cubic feet.  The government anticipates that each exchange will included an exchange of GAC for two of the four filters and each filter will be exchanged two times per year.  The specific weeks for the exchange are based upon filter loading. 

The government will remove a filter from service for up to 24 hours for the contractor's work in making the exchange.  After each exchange, the government expects that the filter will remain out of service for another24-hours before the initial backwash to assure the GAC is fully wetted.

Each exchange requires coordination with WTP Operators.  

Submission Requirements:

Interested sources are invited to respond to this sources sought announcement by providing separate file titled Sources Sought Information.  Total pages limited to 10 single sided 8 ½ x 11 pages for the Sources Sought Information (Page 3 of 10); and 2 single sided 8 ½ x 11 pages for a cover letter (Page 2 of 10).


The following information is requested:

1) Name of the Firm, DUNS number, CAGE number, address and point of contact information.

2) Identify the size of your company (i.e. SBA certified 8(a); SBA certified HUBZone, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, and or Small Business concern) For more information on the definition or requirements for these, refer to

3) Identify that you are willing to work at the specified location.

4) Submit a maximum of 5 projects describing the following experience: Describe the government or commercial contracts/projects your firm has completed in the last five (5) years with project cost over $2,000,000 showing your experience in the service performance related with facilities support service and water supply and irrigation systems similar in size, scope, and complexity as indicated in this announcement.  Submitted projects must be complete by the sources sought submission date.  For each of the contracts/project submitted for experience, provide the title; location; whether prime or subcontractor work; contract or subcontract value; type of contract; if design-build; contract completion date; customer point of contact including phone number; and a narrative description of the product/services provided by your firm.

Please respond to this sources sought announcement by 2:00 p.m. Friday, 06 Dec 2019, submit your source sough response using mail to Attn: Loreto Manalo, NAVFAC South West FEAD, Acquisition Division, 750 Enterprise Ave., NAS Lemoore, CA 93246.  Responses received after the deadline or without the required information shall be considered unacceptable and will not be considered.

No reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information in response to this announcement and any follow-up information requests.  Respondents will not be notified of the results of the evaluation.  However, NAVFAC-SW will utilize the information for technical and acquisition planning.  If adequate responses are not received from 8(a), HUBZone, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), or Small Business concerns, the acquisition may be solicited on an unrestricted basis. All data received in response to this Sources Sought Synopsis marked or designated as corporate or proprietary information will be fully protected from release outside the Government.  Since this is a sources sought announcement, no debrief, evaluation letters, and/or results will be issued to the participants.

loreto manalo, contracting officer , Phone 5599983839, Email - Antonio B. Harley, Contracting Officer , Phone 5599982086, Email

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