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Flooring for CLC 3 rooms

Pennsylvania, United States
Government : Federal
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July 25, 2016

General Project Information:

Corporal Michael J. Crescenz,VA Medical Center or (CMCVAMC) is in need of new flooring for the CLC (Community Living Center) CMCVAMC. CMCVAMC is looking for a contractor who can provide procurement and installation of the flooring and 4" rubber Cove Base.

The rooms involved are as follows:
1C111 20'X18'
2C110 20'X18'
1A108 Conference room 24'x24'

This will be day work and the scope of work includes the removal and disposal of the existing VCT in room 1C111 and 2C110 and removal of carpet in the conference room 1A108. The supply and installation of new flooring, 4" rubber wall base and all associated accessories in all areas according to manufacturer's recommendations. (I.e. transition strips etc.).

The CMCVAMC Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) will be the CMCVAMC Interior Designer. All installers on site will be required to wear a CMCVAMC Philadelphia provided identification badge. Arrangements for badges must be made with the COTR at least four weeks prior to the start of work.

Entrance to the CLC is at the loading dock located at Civic Center Blvd.

The dimensions provided are not intended to provide as-built conditions. The space must be verified prior to the ordering or purchasing of any materials. Contractors can request an onsite visit prior to the bid.

A schedule for work must be submitted and approved by the CMCVAMC - COTR prior to the start of the work. All non-work areas must be kept clean and free from excess debris. Debris from demolition must be disposed of by the contractor and removed from the CMCVAMC in covered containers or wrapped in cloth in the case of carpet tiles. Debris must be contained so as not to contaminate the hospital premises.

The existing floors shall be patched and leveled prior to installation of new flooring. All finishes and accessories shall be installed according to manufacturer's installation instructions. All existing non-built-in furniture will be removed by the CMCVAMC prior to construction.

We are an active hospital and the rooms must be cleaned after each day.

Infection Control Construction Permit Requires the Contractor to:

1.    Provide active means to prevent air-borne dust from dispersing into atmosphere.
2.    Water mist work surfaces to control dust while cutting.
3.    Seal unused doors and openings into all rooms along corridors with plastic and duct tape.
4.    Block off and seal air vents
5.    Wipe surfaces with disinfectant.
6.    Contain construction waste before transport in tightly covered containers.
7.    Wet mop and/or vacuum with HEPA filtered vacuum before leaving work area.
8.    Place dust mat at entrance and exit of work area.
9.    Remove or isolate HVAC system in areas where work is being performed.
10.    Maintain negative air pressure within work site utilizing HEPA equipped air filtration units.
11.    See Brian Murdock in Building 5 for the Infection control Permits.


Work may be done during daytime hours 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Finish Information:


Flooring: TVW1012 Canopy

4" cove base Roppe TBD


Provide an actual sample of finishes for final approval prior to order. MSDS sheets on all adhesives must be held on-site during construction.


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