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ORARNG Education and Employment Outreach

Virginia, United States
Government : Federal
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Sources Sought Information Request Form

Project Name: Education and Employment Outreach Services, Oregon Army National Guard
Soldier Member Family Support

Brief Description: The Oregon National Guard Service Member and Family Support (SMFS) Directorate has a requirement for contractor support to manage all aspects of a Reserve Component Employment and Education Outreach program designed to identify Service Members, Veterans, and their Families eligible for support and provide them with information on available benefits and connect them with sources of support/services. The Contractor shall perform all functions necessary to develop and implement programs to identify and support the employment and educational needs of Service Members and Family Members. Contractor shall also inform and educate them on improving program effectiveness and offerings. Special emphasis is on gathering information on effectiveness of the program to include: trend analysis, needs assessment surveys, and summary reports.

NAICS Code: 541612 - Human Resources Consulting Services

Interested firms please respond with this information form and the following requested information. Please complete all sections of the document.

1. Company Information:

Company name: ______________________________________________________________

Company Address as registered in System for Award Management (SAM):

( ) I have confirmed that my address listed above is exactly the same as listed in (SAM)

( ) The above address is not the same in (SAM), but registration is being corrected to the above listed address

DUNS Number: ________________________________

2. Socio-economic status for the listed NAICS code - please check all that apply:

( ) Large business ( ) Small business

( ) Small disadvantaged business ( ) 8(a) program participant

( ) HUB Zone business ( ) Woman-Owned business

( ) Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

The firm must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM) with the socio-economic status identified above and the NAICS code specified in the sources sought notice. If the firm's (SAM) record does not include this project's NAICS code, the firm will not be considered.

( ) I have confirmed that my firm is registered in SAM for the NAICS code and business type selected

( ) My firm is not registered in SAM with the NAICS code and business status selected, but the firm qualifies and registration is in process

( ) My firm is not registered in SAM for the identified NAICS code

3. Examples of similar work: Provide At least three but no more than five projects completed within the last three years that are similar in nature to the work being referenced to. Include the following information:

Type of project
Dollar value of the project
Contract number (if applicable)
Location of the work
Brief description (1-2 paragraphs)

Identify if the project was performed for a government or private entity. Indicate if your firm was a prime contractor or subcontractor. If you firm was a subcontractor, provide the percentage of work that was awarded and completed on the project by your firm. Please keep this documentation to 1 page per project.

4. Resources: Provide a brief outline of resources, subcontractors, and key personnel to include credentials of personnel that your firm would use to complete this project. Please keep this documentation to 1 page.

5. Certification:

In the event our firm meets the criteria listed in the solicitation when advertised and as a result of the submission of this documentation, it is our firms' intention to submit a proposal as a prime contractor.

Signature: ___________________________ Printed Name: ___________________________

Title: _________________________________________________________________________

Phone No. _____________________ E-mail Address: _______________________________

Please e-mail the completed form and attachments to Submission of this form and attachments will not qualify your firm for the referenced project. The Information being requested and received is strictly for the purposes of market research and intended for Government use only. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. NO SOLICITATION, PLANS OR SPECIFICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THIS PROJECT AT THIS TIME. THERE WILL BE NO "SUCCESSFUL OFFEROR" AS A RESULT OF THE RECEIPT OF THIS INFORMATION.

Commonly asked Questions

Q1: What is a sources sought?

A1: The intent a sources sought is to assist the government contract activity to identify potential qualified small, Small business, Small disadvantaged business, 8(a) program participant, HUB Zone business , Woman-Owned business and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) business that can perform a specific service. Following a review of the responses to this synopsis the Government identifies potential contract set asides or stipulations to bolster opportunities for small and disadvantage businesses.

Q2: When can I submit a proposal?

A2: When the USPFO for Oregon issues a synopsis it will have information regarding the date the solicitation will be available as well as other pertinent information regarding the project. The solicitation will be available during this Fiscal Year. Interested offerors should follow this announcement on the Federal Business Opportunities to ensure they received updated information regarding this project.

Q3: I am subcontractor. Will I be able to submit a proposal for this project?

A3: Any contractor can submit a proposal and it will be evaluated in accordance with the evaluation criteria in the solicitation. Reference A1, the solicitation has not been issued yet.

Phillip Chik, Contract Specialist, Phone 503-584-3784, Email - Richard Harvey, Contract Specialist, Phone 503-584-3773, Email

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