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Equus Workforce Solutions - Request for Applications - Incentive Funding for the Registered Apprenticeship Expansion Program

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United States
For Profit

Arbor E&T, LLC d/b/a Equus Workforce Solutions (Equus) is serving as an Intermediary Contractor with the US Department of Labor (DOL) which is designed to promote and expand registered apprenticeship in the US demand industries, and to increase diversity among apprentices.

Who can apply?
Employers, joint labor management organizations, industry associations or other partners included in a multi-employer partnership seeking to develop or expand Registered Apprenticeship Programs in targeted industries servicing under-represented populations.

Equus intends to issue multiple awards under this application. Our target cap for the initial award is $50,000. Additional funds may be available as programs are developed. Allowable activities that direct funding may be used to support Registered Apprenticeship Program development, launch, and sustainability, include:

Registration of Registered Apprenticeship Programs with the DOLv
Costs related to design and start-up of Registered Apprenticeship Programsv
Classroom education or online training for apprenticesv
Outstanding costs related to on-the-job training (excluding wages)v
Train-the-trainer costs or activitiesv and/or
Training equipment for apprentices (in consultation with Equus, written approval required prior to expenditure)v
Curricula development.

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