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Design and Build of Extension to Midlands Prison 2010

Download the rfp file: Project_Information_Memorandum_24022010.doc or go to the link
This document has expired, therefore the above link may no longer work.

The Contracting Authority, Irish Prison Services (IPS), intends to procure the construction of a new cell block at the Beladd Park site in Portlaoise. The Block will be in effect constitute an extension to the Midlands Prison. Procurement will be on the basis of a design and build contract, using the Public Works Contract for Building Works Designed by the Contractor, (PW-CF 2 version 1.5 dated 4 November 2009), as published by the Department of Finance.The selection and tender process will comprise two separate stages:(1) Pre-selection of Candidates through OJEU and Pre-qualification Questionnaire(2) Tender comprising proposals for detailed design, specifications and price
CPV: 45000000.

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