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Custodial-Janitorial Services at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery. new contract . Vendor to provide janitorial services for Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery-VA786-13-C-0068.

Colorado, United States
Government : Federal
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A. The Government is executing a sources sought for the purposes of determining if there are qualified Services Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) concerns that would have the capability to provide all required labor, supervision, materials, equipment, tools and supplies to execute custodial-janitorial services to maintain the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery, 2000 Mountain Creek Parkway, Dallas TX 75211. The Government anticipates a requirement for a base and four option years for a total of five years.

A partial Statement of Work, to include estimated quantities is as follows:


Custodial Services

Est. Qty
Unit Cost
Est. Total Cost
Custodial Services, Public Information Center (PIC)

Custodial Services, Administration Building

Custodial Services, Maintenance Building

Custodial Services, Honor Guard Trailer


The Contractor shall furnish all personnel, supervision, professional expertise, equipment, tools, materials, services, and quality control necessary to ensure that non-personal custodial services are performed at the Dallas Cemetery, in a manner that will maintain a satisfactory facility condition and present a clean, neat and professional appearance. The Contractor shall accomplish all cleaning tasks and be

required to provide and replenish soap and paper products in all restrooms, in order to meet the requirements of this PWS and the Service Summary (SS). Facility cleaning levels or maximum cleaning frequencies, and estimated square footages are established in Attachment 5, Estimated Square Footages and Cleaning Level. Facility drawings of areas cleaned are established in Attachment 2. All work performed by the Contractor shall be performed in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and commercial practices. All work will be done during normal Federal workdays*, during the following Cemetery workday hours: between 0830 and 1600 (4:00 p.m.) Monday through Friday (* The exception is Memorial Day, which may be a workday for Federal employees, but not for the Contractor.) No work will be allowed during special weekend activities. No Keys will be provided to the Contractor.


Non-Carpeted Floors (Hard Floors: Ceramic Tile, Wood, Concrete, etc.). Hard floors shall be maintained free of grit, soil, dust, scuff and heel marks, stains, spills, debris, litter and other foreign matter by effective routine cleaning. Cleaning shall be accomplished by the most appropriate method (vacuum, sweep, dust mop, damp mop, wet mop, spot clean, etc.) and with cleaning solutions if applicable, for the specific floor type. After cleaning, floor surfaces to include grout shall have a uniform, clean appearance without streaks, swirl marks, detergent residue, or any evidence of soil, stain, film, or standing water. Baseboards, corners, and wall/floor edges shall also be clean. Floors shall be continuously free of all debris such as paper, coins and so forth. Chairs, trash receptacles, and other easily moveable items shall be moved to maintain floors underneath these items and returned to their original and proper position after cleaning. A Wet Floor signs shall be used when the floor is wet.

Carpeted Floors. Carpets shall be maintained free of soil, dirt, debris, litter and other foreign matter by effective routine vacuuming. Efficient vacuum cleaners shall offer high airflow, high efficiency filtration, and an adjustable rotating brush agitation for more effective soil removal. Any spots and/or spills shall be removed by the carpet manufacturer s approved methods or other commercially accepted practices as soon as noticed. All tears, burns, and raveling shall be brought to the attention of the Contracting Officer s Representative (COR). Area and throw rugs shall also receive this service. Floors shall be continuously free of all debris such as paper, coins and so forth. Chairs, trash receptacles, and other easily moveable items shall be moved to maintain floors underneath these items and returned to their original and proper position after cleaning.

Entrances, Entrances Platforms, and Parking Areas. Planters in the vicinity of the buildings and cigarette containers shall be free of all visible litter, debris, soil and other foreign matter.

Dusting Horizontal Surfaces. Dust desks, file cabinets, and all other horizontal office furniture and accessories, including pictures, fire extinguishers. Dust Low dusting includes surfaces within 6 feet of the floor and must be free of dust, lint, cobwebs, and litter. High dusting includes surfaces above 6 feet up to 10 feet. Surfaces could include items such as tables, shelves, bookcases, storage lockers, window sills, hand rails, pictures, clocks, window blinds, ceiling fans, light fixtures, air registers.

Clean Horizontal Surfaces. All chair seats shall be free of dirt, food particles and other foreign matter. Counter tops (including lunch room counters) and lunch room tables and chairs shall be disinfected. Surfaces such as chair legs, table legs, desktops, phones, air registers and vents, frames, moldings, horizontal ledges, and baseboards shall be free of film, dirt, smudges, water, or other foreign matter by routine and spot cleaning.

Clean Vertical Surfaces. Spot clean all doors, door frames, and areas around light switches. Thoroughly clean soiled wall coverings and chairs throughout the contract coverage area. Spray wipe door handles.

Interior Glass and Entrance Glass. All interior glass (not including building envelope window glass; see para. 5.c.ii.) and entrance glass (inside and out), including glass in doors, partitions, walls, display cases, and directory boards shall show no traces of film, dirt, smudges, water, or other foreign matter. Exterior glass entrance ways (doors and windows) shall be cleaned daily as well as cleaning and polishing of door tracks. The widows of the PIC shall be cleaned weekly.

Clean Floor (Walk-Off) Mats. Vacuum and/or clean interior and exterior floor mats. Mats shall be free of all visible lint, litter, debris, soil and other foreign matter. Soil and moisture underneath mats shall be removed and mats returned to their normal location.

Trash Collection/Removal. All trash containers shall be emptied, trash transported and disposed in designated area(s), and containers returned to their original locations. The Contractor shall provide and replace any obviously soiled, worn or torn plastic liners. Trash receptacles shall be left clean, free of foreign matter and free of odors.

Submittal of Facility Defects. When routine facility defects (e.g. dripping faucet, loose door, loose window frames, etc.) are found, they shall be reported to the COR.

Clean and Disinfect. All surfaces of sinks, counters, toilets, urinals, lavatories, showers, shower mats, dispensers, plumbing fixtures and faucets, exposed pipes, partitions, dispensers, walls, stalls, stall doors, entry doors (including handle, kick plates, ventilation grates, metal guards), light fixture covers, benches, handicap support bars, and other such surfaces shall be cleaned and disinfected using a germicidal detergent. Restrooms shall have a clean scent or no odor at all. Showers, toilets, and urinals will be free of spots, water spots, scale buildup, soap scum, odors, and any other deposits. Mirrors shall be clean and have no streaks or other removable matter. Partitions shall be smudge, stain free. Vents (within 72 inches of the floor) shall be clean. Restroom sinks, countertops, and fixtures shall be free from water and scale deposits, soil, streaks, and other removable matter. Walls and grout below six feet shall be free of all film, spots, and detergent buildup.

Restroom Floor Care. All floor surfaces shall be maintained in accordance with paragraph 4.a.i. by effective routine cleaning. Moveable items shall be tilted or moved to sweep and damp mop underneath. Grout on the wall and floor tiles shall be free of dirt, scum, mildew, and residue.

Stock Restroom Supplies. Contractor shall ensure restrooms are stocked sufficiently so any provided supplies including toilet tissue, paper towels, and hand soap do not run out. Supplies shall be stored in designated areas. If supplies run out prior to the next service date, the contractor shall refill within two (2) hours of notification.

Drinking Fountains. Contractor shall clean all facility drinking fountains, usually located outside the restrooms: two (2) in the PIC breezeway, two (2) inside the Admin office area, and two (2) in the Maintenance office area. All porcelain and polished metal surfaces, including the orifices and drain, as well as exterior surfaces of fountains shall be cleaned and disinfected. Drinking fountains shall be free of streaks, stains, spots, smudges, scale, and other obvious soil.

Restroom Trash Removal. All trash containers in restrooms and locker rooms, including sanitary napkin disposal containers, shall be emptied, trash disposed, and containers returned to or reassembled in their original locations. The Contractor shall provide and replace any obviously soiled, worn or torn plastic trash can liners. Trash receptacles shall be left clean, free of foreign matter and free of odors.

Restroom Checklists. The Contractor s employee(s) on duty shall sign off daily on the restroom checklists, which are generally located in the foyers of the public restrooms and staff restrooms.

PERIODIC CLEANING SERVICES (Services performed on a monthly, semi-annual, annual basis).

Semi-Annual Carpet Restorative Cleaning. Carpets shall be deep cleaned in order to remove embedded soil from carpet fibers. Deep cleaning shall employ an effective technique and/or method to address soil suspension, soil extraction and drying. After deep cleaning, the carpeted area shall show an improvement in visible appearance. All cleaning solutions shall be removed from baseboards, furniture, trash receptacles, chairs, and other similar items. Chairs, trash receptacles, and other items shall be moved to clean carpets underneath and returned to their original location after the carpet has dried.

Semi-Annual Window Cleaning. All interior and exterior glass surfaces that are in integral part of the outer surface of the building shall be cleaned to show no traces of film, dirt, smudges, water, or other foreign matter. Screens shall be removed and re-installed as necessary.


The contractor shall furnish all supplies necessary to perform all services required. Supplies and equipment shall meet the specifications below and comply with VA, Federal, or State Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Fire regulations.
All items shall be approved by the COR prior to being used. New supplies or changes in previously approved material shall require product literature and may require samples.
Contractor personnel shall not use steel wool, abrasive metal cleaners, or any other cleaning materials or supplies which could cause damage to property. At no time shall chairs, wastebaskets, brooms, mops or any other items normally placed on the floor be place on any surface of furniture or equipment.
Contractor s equipment shall be compatible with existing sources of furnished electrical power. All equipment shall comply with current safety standards. All electrically operated equipment shall be equipped with hospital quit-type motor, be third-wire grounded, and equipped with an appropriate length of UL approved three-conductor cord. Extension cords are prohibited. Equipment will be checked for electrical safety and records maintained.
All wheeled and movable equipment shall be equipped with protective non-marking wheels and rubber bumpers or guards around the entire perimeter. No part of the equipment (except fixed handles) shall protrude beyond the rubber bumpers.
When not in use, equipment shall be stored in designated areas only. Trash containers shall be washed each day prior to storage. All equipment shall be cleaned with a disinfectant-detergent each day prior to storage.
Supplies and equipment shall not be transported in trash barrels, mop buckets, etc. All material not immediately used shall be properly stored.
Supplies and equipment reserved for use in designate areas shall not be transferred to the other areas. All such items assigned shall be plainly marked with the area s designation.
Mops Mop heads shall be washed in housekeeping closet sinks.
Vacuum Cleaners All vacuum equipment shall have hospital use micro-static impaction type filtration system, which shall filter out all dust and bacteria particles larger than 0.3 microns. All vacuum equipment (i.e. tank, hose, and bag) shall be cleaned daily with disinfectant-detergent. Vacuum filters shall be cleaned weekly.
Other Items
Signs Signs shall contain easily understood directions.
Contractor Equipment The Cemetery shall not be held responsible for any items of Contractor s equipment which may be lost, damaged or stolen. The contractor shall tag all contractor owned equipment for identification.

Building / Area
Estimated Area (square feet)
Floor Finish
Admin / Entry
Admin / General Offices
Admin / Multipurpose
Admin / Director s Office
Admin / Men Bathroom
Admin / Women Bathroom
Maint / Foreman Office
Maint / Women Restroom
Maint / Men Restroom
Maint / Corridor
Maint / Lounge Area
Maint / Rear Office
PIC / Information Area
PIC / Women Bathroom
PIC / Men Bathroom
Honor Guard

B. Any interested source would need to provide a detailed Capability Statement or Resume that would support how the contractor would be able to execute requirements based on the following Technical and Past Performance Criteria:

PRIMARY FIRM DIRECT EXPERIENCE (not subcontractors or teaming arrangements):
Primary Firm Experience - The primary contractor (firm to submit offer) has a documented minimum of three years, ongoing experience related to custodial cleaning services that is of a comparable scope. The primary offeror shall clearly identify the following:

Project or Contract number

Period of Performance Identified Under Contract

Overall Dollar value of the contract

A full itemization of work efforts under each specified contract.

Identification of whether or not the contractor served as the prime firm or subcontractor.

Identify the name, address, and DUNS, of your firm so as to enable the Government to execute relevant market research.

Where is your primary business located, and does your firm have available staff in the Texas local?
Identify all your primary, ongoing comparable projects and when they will expire.

Provide updated resumes of key personnel employees, their relevant training and experience in this industry, certifications)
Provide a list of currently available in-house staff (labor categories and number the employees) that could provide these services based on the Government s previous requirements. Where are these employees geographically located?
Provide a list of currently available contractor or subcontractor staff (labor categories and number the employees) that could provide these services based on the Government s estimated requirements. Where are these employees geographically located? Will you as the primary firm execute at least 51% of the requirement with your own staff? Provide any teaming agreements.
Identify the type, make, and model of your company owned or leased equipment.

NOTE: All other business types (SB, LB) are encouraged to submit the above information in the event the Government cannot identify qualified SDVOSB or VOSB concerns for 100% set-aside purposes.
NOTE: The Contracting Officer will not accept telephonic or e-mail inquiries in relation to this pending requirement.
NOTE: General statements attesting to meeting experience requirements without addressing the submission requirements will not be considered.
NOTE: All submissions shall be forwarded via e-mail:

Ann R. Manning - (303) 914-5710

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