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Cryo-compressed Hydrogen Storage and Support System for Fuel Cell Vehicle Use

Michigan, United States
Government : Military
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The Combat Capabilities Development Command Ground Vehicle System Center (CCDC GVSC) is planning to demonstrate a lightweight electrified combat vehicle in fiscal year 2025. One variant of the electrified platform will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Preliminary analysis of vehicle performance has shown that light and medium duty combat vehicles have requirements for onboard hydrogen storage exceeding the capabilities of compressed hydrogen gas, the current standard for on-vehicle hydrogen storage. In order to maintain the performance and operational effectiveness of combat vehicles, hydrogen storage with increased energy density is necessary. A potential technology that can meet these needs is cryo-compressed hydrogen (CcH2). Cryo-compressed hydrogen involves hydrogen stored at cryogenic temperatures (below 77 K or -196ºC) and elevated pressures (300 to 700 bar), providing density near that of liquid hydrogen with increased dormancy time, reducing the need to boil off gaseous hydrogen. Parity with current vehicle fueling time is also desired, with a threshold flow rate of 6 kg H2 per minute and an objective flow of 10 kg H2 per minute, with a maximum allowable tank temperature of 125 K (-148ºC) during fueling. In order to plan and proceed with a demonstration, CCDC GVSC has the need to understand industry involvement and development of CcH2 technology.

David J. DiRoma, Contract Specialist, Phone 5862824975, Email - Benjamin Paczkowski, Engineer, Email

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