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Consultancy for Impact Assessment of Shudokkho Application and Sustainability Roadmap

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District Of Columbia, United States
Non-Profit : Charitable

As specified above, the duration of this contract is estimated to be approximately 10 weeks.
Working closely and collaboratively with the ACDI/VOCA Bangladesh team and the Shudokkho app developer mPower Social, the consultant/consulting firm will undertake the following tasks:
a)Review all the reports and other background information related to the development of the application.
b)Review the detailed offering and functionality of the app, including analysing all types of user data (disaggregated by sex and age) collected since inception of the app.
c)Identify specific app-related design or other impediments that are resulting in low uptake, usage, retention, and consistency of interaction by different types of LSPs (men, women, and youth) with the app.
d)Gather information from LSPs (disaggregated by sub-type of LSP, active/inactive/non- users, gender, age, and other relevant factors) to better understand their business needs and other requirements.
e)Identify which needs and requirements of the LSPs could be met by and through the app.
f)Make specific recommendations on changes to the app to increase uptake among different types of LSPs (men, women, and youth) and improve retention and activity.
g)Gather information from various livestock sector stakeholders in the public sector and private sector to better understand their needs and requirements, current level of interaction and modes of communication with the LSPs and opportunities for improvement and enhancement.
h)Gather information from farmer clients (men, women, and youth) to better understand their needs and requirements, frequency of interaction with LSPs and opportunities for enhancement and improvement.
i)Make specific recommendations on how the Shudokkho app could improve the interaction between the LSPs and 3 key sets of stakeholders viz., public agencies, and/or private sector and/or farmer clients.
j)Explore potential revenue streams for the Shudokkho app based on feedback collected from the above exercise, including customer price sensitivity (among LSPs, private and public agencies), and make recommendations based on projected scale for long-term sustainability of the product.

Deliverables Timeline

1 Complete inception report and desk researchWeek 1 - 2
2 Develop data collection tools (questionnaires/checklist/FGD and or KIIs guide) for different stakeholders based on their research questions Week 3
4 Complete data collection Week 4 - 6
5 Present initial findings to the Activity team Week 7
6 Prepare and submit draft reportWeek 8 - 9
7 Submit final report and a summary slide deckWeek 10

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