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Consular Role Players

Virginia, United States
Government : Homeland Security
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The Department of State's Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is the Federal Government's primary training institution for officers and support personnel of the U.S. foreign affairs community, preparing American diplomats and other professionals to advance U.S. foreign affairs interests overseas and in Washington.
The Basic Consular Course (aka "ConGen")-administered by the Consular Training Division of FSI's School of Professional and Area Studies (SPAS)-ensures that all entry level consular professionals acquire the skills that they need to effectively perform their work, which includes ensuring the safety and security of U.S. citizens abroad and the secure, accurate adjudication of passports and visas. This course is taught over a six-week period, up to 47 times each fiscal year, and provides intensive training in immigration and nationality law/regulations, and in consular policies, responsibilities, and procedures. Students have frequent opportunities during the course to practice applying what they have learned in a realistic work environment. Students role play key consular responsibilities, including adjudicating passports and visas, visiting U.S. citizens in prison, responding to natural and man-made crises, and placing a telephone call to notify the next-of-kin of the death of a U.S. citizen. Currently, ConGen students play the supporting roles in each of the role plays-for example, the applicant in the visa interviews, the prisoner in the prison visit, and the next of kin in the death notification role plays.

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