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California Prison Health Care Services - Food Services Consultant

California, United States
For Profit

URS/BLL and CPR are seeking firm(s) to plan, specify, coordinate and provide in-service training for all food services for this 10,000 bed program, and, for certain designated food services equipment, to variously procure, receive, asset tag, and manage installation. The seven facilities will range from approximately 800,000 BGSF to 1,200,000 BGSF. Total program will be approximately 7 million BGSF. Food service production is currently being planned at two of the seven sites with warehousing and storage at all seven sites. Dining is being planned as a de-centralized system and a combination of in-room or dayroom dining depending on patient type.

Qualified firms will provide the necessary personnel, equipment and material to perform and accomplish the Services during all phases of design and from planning to closeout. All consulting work and the equipment specified and installed under those services shall comply with federal, state and local codes and licensing requirements. The scope of services generally covers providing services for the CPR Program to review current recommendations, validate and revise if necessary, design/engineer, and, where required, procure and/or install all food service equipment necessary to open and operate the new California Health Care Facilities at seven sites. At some point in the future, CPR may also request that Consultant submit a proposal to operate these new food service facilities.

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