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C-130J waste removal services

Rhode Island, United States
Government : Military
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The Rhode Island Air National Guard is seeking sources that can provide Lavatory Waste Removal Services on C-130J Model aircraft which are located at Quonset Air National Guard Base, Quonset State Airport, North Kingstown, RI. THIS IS NOT a Request for Proposals (RFP) or a Request for Quotations (RFQ), as it is only a method of conducting market research for determining the feasibility of obtaining qualified sources for purposes of competition. If the RI Air National Guard determines that an RFP or RFQ will be issued, it will be accomplished at a later date under a separate posting, and will likely be awarded as a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for a period not to exceed five (5) years. Any agreement or orders pertaining thereto that ensue as a result of an RFP or RFQ, will in no way be affiliated with State of Rhode Island or the RI Airport Corporation, as the property to be serviced is federal property using federal funding.

Description of Requirement:

Contractor to provide all labor, materials and equipment required to remove waste and service on-board latrines on the C-130J Aircraft. Contractor must be able to remove up to 24 US gallons of waste per aircraft, pump 10 gallons of clean water into lavatory holding tank to flush, completely drain holding tank again and charge the holding tank with 3.1 US gallons of disinfectant solution. The toilets need to be flushed with 1.7 gallons of fluid then drained. The 1.7 gallons is needed to flush the system then charge the holding tank with 3.1 US gallons of disinfectant solution fluid. Servicing shall be provided as needed within 24-hours of call, when requested by the Contracting Officer or his duly authorized representative(s). Aircraft approved non-corrosive fluid shall be used for all servicing. In cold weather when toilets may freeze (temperatures are expected below 32 degrees) the Contractor will service the aircraft latrines with 3.5 gallons of an environmentally approved anti-freeze solution. The required changeover to winter fluid must occur no later than 1 November, and be changed back no earlier than 1 April unless notified otherwise. All Latrine service requested by the Government and performed by the Contractor will be in accordance with all Federal, local EPA, OSHA policies, and regulations pertaining to waste removal and latrine service on aircraft. Contractor must adhere to the Job Guide in accordance with official guidelines and procedures. Contractor shall have environmental dumping capabilities, licensure and approvals. Contractor must be certified for flight line driving. Servicing will consist of connecting appropriate industry standard hose connections from service truck to C130J aircraft located at the RI Air National Guard, Quonset State Airport, North Kingstown, RI 02852. Facilities will not be available for contractor use. Flightline access would be provided after entrance through a security checkpoint.

Interested vendors are requested to provide the following:

1. Company Name, point of contact including phone number, physical and e-mail address.
2. Size status and/or SBA certification program of the company (if applicable).
3. CAGE Code for the company.
4. Positive statement of interest to fulfill this type of requirement.

The above information shall be provided via email to the following by close of business March 8, 2018.

MSgt Chris Hunsberger
143D Airlift Wing, Base Contracting Office


Christopher L. Hunsberger, Contract Specialist , Phone 4012754273, Email

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