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CBOC Janitorial Services - Bremerton This will be Set-Aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses only.

Washington, United States
Government : Federal
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1.    POC: Jeffrey Abel, ********** ---- Email: ----

2.     Title. Bremerton Based ********** Clinic Janitorial Service .

of Services: This service is to keep the CBOC Clinic clean and ******** for our veterans and staff.

4.    General:    The or shall furnish all personnel, materials, supplies, machinery, equipment and appliances necessary to provide environmental sanitation services at the Bremerton Based ********** Clinic, located at 925 Adele Ave, Bremerton, WA, 98312, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this solicitation. Services will be provided each day that the Clinic is open which will be Monday through Friday except for Federal Holidays which are listed under Section 11. Attachment A details the floor plan which consists of approximately 5,160 net usable square feet of medical clinic space on the second a standalone facility.

4.1    General or Performance:

4.1.1    In the performance of a resulting from this solicitation, the or shall take such safety precautions as necessary to protect the lives and health of occupants of the building.

4.1.2    The or shall comply with applicable Federal, State, and local safety and fire regulations and codes, which are in effect during performance. The or shall keep abreast of and comply with changes in these regulations and codes applicable to the .

4.1.3    All materials, supplies, machinery, equipment and appliances used in the performance of this will be removed from the facility or stored in space assigned by the COTR. Any materials, supplies, machinery, equipment and appliances kept on site shall be stored in an orderly manner and the space provided shall be secured when not actually in use.

4.1.4    All services shall be performed in the most highly professional manner in accordance with industry standards. Unless otherwise specified, the or shall employ methods that are generally accepted and used in the industry.

4.1.5    The or is not authorized to use Government-owned or rented linens, equipment, or supplies.

4.2    Daily Services:

4.2.1    Remove trash from all waste receptacles and replace plastic receptacle liner as needed. Spot wash waste receptacles. Waste receptacles used to store bio-hazardous waste such as body fluids (e.g., blood and urine) will be indicated by a red bag and will be cleaned by clinic staff.

4.2.2    All hard surface floors will be swept with a treated dust mop and wet mopped with a germicidal solution, which is properly mixed according to the manufacturer's recommendation. Carpeted areas, to include walk-off mats, shall be vacuumed daily and spot cleaned as needed.

4.2.3    All mirrors, glass panels, glass doors, and interior observation windows are to be cleaned daily.

4.2.4    As needed dust all furnishings, horizontal surfaces, equipment, wall hangings, hand rails, walls and floor boards. in each exam room , procedure room, office, conference room, Laboratory, dental operatories and audio booths.

4.2.5    As needed dust all wall hangings, light fixtures and signage in reception area and corridors and common areas. Clean horizontal surfaces to include counters, cabinets, ledges, partitions, walls, hand rails, doors and door jams in the reception area common areas, corridors and all rooms.

4.2.6    Clean and disinfect according to manufactures instructions and standard practices all exam tables, equipment, furnishing, cabinetry and horizontal surfaces in each exam room, procedure room, X-Ray, laboratory, dental operatories, audio booths and other rooms where likelihood of contamination will occur.

4.2.7    Wash basins and all adjoining fixtures and counters will be cleaned with an appropriate cleaner and thoroughly rinsed upon completion. The sink and all fixtures will then be wiped dry to eliminate water spots and streaks.

4.2.8    Clinic sinks (hoppers) and any adjoining plumbing fixtures are to be cleaned with an acrylic swab that will not be used for any other purpose. The hopper will be cleaned with germicidal detergent and properly rinsed upon completion. The exterior of the hopper and all adjoining fixtures will be wiped dry to eliminate any water spots and streaks.

4.2.9    Commodes, Urinals and any adjoining plumbing fixtures are to be cleaned with an acrylic swab and germicidal detergent that will be used for this cleaning and will not be used for any other purpose. The commode seat, exterior of commodes, urinals and all adjoining fixtures will be rinsed and wiped dry upon completion of cleaning. NOTE: A special set of sponges, cloths, brushes, etc. will be used for cleaning toilets and urinals and WILL NOT be used for cleaning any other portion of restroom facility.

4.2.10    Soap, foam hand sanitizer, paper towel dispensers, and ******** napkin dispensers will be replenished or replaced as needed, and kept cleaned and polished.

4.2.11    All furnishings will be spot cleaned daily to eliminate any spillage or soiling.

4.2.12    All metal surfaces will be cleaned and polished.

4.2.13    "Sharps" containers shall be disposed of by VA staff.

4.3    Unless otherwise specified clean the following on an as needed basis as determined by the COTR:

4.3.1    Thorough cleaning of examination tables, I. V. poles, stretchers, carts, Wheelchairs, stands, scales and the exterior of all equipment as needed.

4.3.2    Walls, ceilings, partitions and doors will be spot cleaned as needed.

4.3.3    Ceiling, air ducts and overhead lights shall be maintained free of dust and insects.

4.3.4    Horizontal surfaces such as file cabinets, bookcases, wall hangings, all ledges, top of doors and all surfaces of furnishings or appliances found in an administrative office will be dusted or wiped as needed. or staff shall not disturb papers on desks or on other office furnishings. or staff shall not open drawers or furnishings and cabinetry.

4.3.5    Any upholstered furniture will be vacuumed as and cleaned needed.

4.3.6    Cleaning of the medication room will not be part of the daily evening cleaning. The medication room will receive a deep cleaning quarterly (Once every three months). The COTR or Clinic Manager will coordinate access to the medication room with the or.

4.4    Periodic Cleaning:    Special cleaning projects that need to be scheduled must be coordinated between the or and the COTR so arrangements may be made to ensure that areas are available and to disrupt activities as little as possible. Most special cleaning will be performed Friday evenings. Special cleaning projects are as follows:
4.4.1    Vinyl floors stripping, waxing, and buffing.
4.4.2    Carpet shampooing.
4.4.3    Upholstered furniture shampooing.

Special cleaning projects shall be completed at least twice during the life of the . The first special cleaning will be completed within six months of award then approximately 6 months later not 2 exceed cleanings in 1 option year. In lieu of complete stripping and waxing some tiled areas may need a periodic touch up in order to maintain luster and appearance, additionally some carpete...

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