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New York, United States
Government : Federal
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This is a Sources Sought Notice.
(a) The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this Sources Sought or to otherwise pay for the information solicited.

(b) Although "proposal," "offeror," contractor, and "offeror" may be used in this sources sought notice, any response will be treated as information only. It shall not be used as a proposal.

(c) Any information received from a contractor in response to this Sources Sought may be used in creating a solicitation. Any information received which is marked with a statement, such as "proprietary" or "confidential," intended to restrict distribution will not be distributed outside of the Government, except as required by law.
(d) This Sources Sought is issued by VISN 2 Contracting Office in Bath, NY for the purpose of collecting information about Janitorial Services for the Buffalo Day Treatment Center, Buffalo, NY. The VA is seeking to provide for this requirement within 60 days of the award of the contract. The NAICS code identified for this requirement is 561720 Janitorial Services. The requirement is detailed in the Statement of Work section of this document.

(e) Cursory market research has identified several small businesses that may be able to provide for this requirement. All responsible sources may submit a capability statement, proposal, or quotation which shall be considered by the Canandaigua VA Medical Center. Please noteB at least 50 percent of the cost of personnel for contract performance shall be spent for employees of the concern for a proposal to be considered for a small business set-aside. Contractors that are able to meet the requirements in the attachment are encouraged to email a capability statement and full information to Janine Childs at Please send all inquiries to: by 12:00 pm EST Thursday, November 1, 2018. Phone calls will not be accepted.

- Part of the purpose of this sources sought is to determine the viability of set aside to a specific socio-economic category. Contractors shall identify the NAICS code for the services being offered as well as their size status under said NAICS. This information will be used to determine the viability of a set aside for this requirement.

- Contractors shall also identify any Federal Supply Schedules that may carry the desired services.
- Contractors shall identify pertinent point of contact for company, contractor DUNS number for size standard and socioeconomic verification in SAM and VIP.

- Contractors shall include any relevant comments about the Attachment(s) if applicable.

Statement of Work
Janitorial Services
Buffalo VA Day Treatment Center
2963 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14214-1003

Scope of Work:
The contractor shall provide all labor, supervision, tools, equipment, transportation, and supplies to perform all tasks as identified in this Statement of Work. This program provides for janitorial services in addition to the aseptic cleaning, protection, and beautification of all rooms and areas within the Buffalo Day Treatment Center (DTC). The Buffalo DTC offers a wide range of health care services.
Period of Performance:
January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019 with four (4) option years that may be exercised at the discretion of the Government.
Building Business Hours:
Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4:30pm, closed on weekends and Federal holidays. Performance schedule to be arranged by delegated Contracting Officer Representative (COR). Contractor staff shall only be present in the facility during second shifts, 4:30pm to 11:00pm. Most cleaning requirements shall be performed after normal business hours (from 3:30pm to 10:00pm).
See specifics for Medication room (1) and Nurse room (5) under paragraph 10 (A) (12). VA staff personnel must be present in these rooms while cleaning these rooms. As such, these rooms must be cleaned from 3:30 to 4:30 daily prior to VA staff personnel departing for the day.
Federal Holidays
In accordance with 5 USC 6103, Executive Order 11582 and Public Law 94-97 the following national holidays are observed and for the purpose of this contract is defined as Legal Federal, official holidays as follows:
New Year s Day Martin Luther King Day
President s Day Memorial Day
Independence Day Labor Day
Columbus Day Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day

Any other day specifically declared by the President of the United States to be a national holiday.

Determining the Holidays: The day to be treated as a holiday is determined as follows:

When one of the above designated Legal holidays falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be observed as a Legal holiday. When a Legal holiday falls on a Saturday, the proceeding Friday is observed as a holiday by the U.S. Government agencies.

Due to the nature of all clinics clientele, the contractor shall be required to respond to emergency service calls to perform special cleaning task on request, i.e. restroom cleaning, spills pick-up, spot cleaning, safety hazards from rain, providing policing services.

Special Requirements:

The VA facility at 2963 Main Street is a Veteran patient treatment center and contractor personnel may encounter sensitive clinical situations unique to a psychiatric patient care environment and may experience situations where the COR or his/her designee may request emergency type clean-up (e.g. clean-up of bodily fluids).

Emergency Type Cleaning (e.g. clean-up of bodily fluids) may be requested by COR upon their discretion both at the arrival of cleaning staff for regular tour of duty or outside of regular tour. All Emergency Type cleaning performed during regular tour (3:30pm-11:30pm) will be done at the regular monthly rate for services. All Emergency Type cleaning outside of regular tour will be performed at the on-call rate and will be on site within one (1) hour of receiving the request for Emergency Type Cleaning.


The contractor shall arrange for satisfactory supervision of the contract work. The Contractor and/or his Supervisor shall be available at all times, when the contract work is in progress, to receive notices, reports or requests from the Contracting Officer and/or COR. The Contractor shall provide in writing to the Contracting Officer and COR prior to the contract starting date the name, telephone number and address of the on-site supervision all working days. When work is being conducted on premises, there must be a Supervisor on premises as well.
The term on-site Supervisor is defined as a person designated in writing who has authority to act for the Contractor on a day-to-day basis at the worksite.
All contractor employees must provide background investigations of employees prior to beginning work on this lease.

Competency Requirements:

The contractor shall comply with the Joint Commission Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) standards. To comply with JCAHO standards, the contractor shall provide a written confirmation that employees are competent to perform the task as described in the statement of work assigned on this contract. This written confirmation shall specify in which areas each contract employee s are competent. Upon contract award, the Contracting Officer and/or COR will provide a copy of Buffalo VA Medical Center Environmental Management Service Standard Operating Procedures for contract references and VA Privacy and Rules of Behavior.
The Contractor shall be responsible to maintain the following required documents: evaluation methods and qualifications standards on all contract employees as established. Contractor shall comply with all applicable Federal, State, local and industry safety and health standards and regulations.
The Contractor shall provide to the Contracting Officer and/or COR any necessary documentation pertaining to contract employees as requested.
Felony Convictions: Personnel shall have no felony convictions and no convictions that reflect on the individual s reliability.
Age: All Contractors employees performing work under this contract shall be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age or as required by local laws.
All employees shall be literate in English to the extent of reading and understanding printed regulations, detailed written orders, training instructions and material, and shall be able to compose reports, which convey complete information.
All contract employees shall sign-in and sign-out to include lunch break during his/her work schedule.
Contractor shall provide authorized backup contract employee during the absence (annual leave, sick leave, etc.) of any of the employees assigned to work under this contract.
Backup employees shall comply with the contract regulations and specifications.
No employee change shall be issued without authorization of the COR.
Contractor shall be responsible to maintain updated personnel roster and provide said roster to COR upon request.
Contractor Furnished Training: Contractor shall submit to the COR written certification that each contract employee has been trained in the subject areas herein prior to assignment under this contract for replacement or new employees, documentation of prior training must be submitted or the individual contract employee must complete the required training before being employed in support of this contract.
The Contractor shall be responsible to maintain all required documents. Contractor shall provide copies of all documents to the Contracting Officer and/or COR upon request.

Qualifications of Contractor Personnel:
The personnel employed by the Contractor shall be capable employees, qualified in custodial type work with at least one (1) year of medical facility cleaning experience.
The building shall be fully staffed beginning the first day of work under the contract staff with fully trained and experienced cleaning personnel who shall exhibit the capability of operating with minimum level of supervision.
All personnel shall receive first-line supervision by the Contractor.
The contractor shall provide its employees training (but not limited to) on the following: safety, emergency preparedness plan, customer service, infection control, universal precautions, and cleaning procedures appropriate for the clinical settings, blood borne Pathogens, general clinical cleaning techniques and practices.
Contractor shall submit written confirmation that the contract employees are competent to perform the task.
All supervisory/working leader personnel engaged in directing the work to be accomplished under this contract shall possess at least two (2) years of recent experience in directing medical facility cleaning type operations in a supervisory capacity for buildings of the approximate size to be cleaned under this contract. The on-site supervisory/working leader shall be fully conversant in English.

Call Back Requirements:

Routine Service Calls: The Contractor shall respond to all service calls made promptly during working hours and correct the problem within two (2) hours. In those instances where problems cannot be resolved, Contractor shall notify the COR for proper corrective action.
Extreme weather: During extreme weather conditions/disaster conditions, Contractor shall assure personnel are available to perform services.
Emergency Calls: The Contractor shall respond within one (1) hour of notification by the Contracting Officer or COR, perform the requested emergency services.

Services Required:

Within thirty (30) days of award of the contract the contractor will conduct a terminal clean (deep clean) of the entire facility. This will occur on a Saturday/Sunday and will involve the entire facility floors to be stripped/waxed, carpet cleaned, accessible windows cleaned inside and outside, base boards scrubbed, sinks, toilets and floors in restrooms scrubbed and disinfected. Extra attention to removal of accumulated dirt/grim/wax builds up. Dust and wipe down surfaces for the entire facility.

The Contractor shall provide the following services in accordance with the Housekeeping Standards described.

Cleaning Requirements and Quality Standard:
Empty trash in all areas and replace liners. (Contractor shall provide all large & small can liners/garbage bags.)
Clean kitchen fan.
Breakdown all cardboard boxes placed in dirty utility room.
Dust mop and wet mop all non-carpeted floors with hospital EPA-approved hospital grade germicide/disinfectant. Clean along baseboards and corners.
Vacuum all carpeted areas.
Dust and remove all cobwebs from all horizontal surfaces (desks, file cabinets and other furniture) to include high dusting.
Spot clean all wall & door defacements, door handles and carpets as needed.
Clean and vacuum all door mats and entries.
Clean the reception window/outside of all glass doors.
Spot clean all upholstered furniture as needed.
Secure and lock all doors/windows upon leaving the facility.
Medication and Nurses rooms shall be cleaned between 3:30pm 4:30pm daily and will be completed before other work, due to access requirements.
Clean all interior viewing windows
Clean kitchen fan.
Clean all window sills and wall mounted fans.
Clean and disinfect all sinks and drinking fountains with an EPA-approved hospital-grade germicide/disinfectant.
Burnish linoleum floors weekly from (Nov. to Apr.) and bi-weekly from (May to Oct.) Maintain a high level of shine through polishing on a weekly cycle. The floor shall be stripped as needed but no less than once per quarter.
Clean exterior entrances to include glass doors. Clean foot scrapers, exterior entrance mats, and individual trash, and smoking receptacles. Remove lint, cobwebs, mud, dirt, bugs, salt and litter from entrances.
Clean all vinyl chairs and couches, move all furniture and equipment to allow for cleaning underneath and behind and replace each in its original position upon completion.
Clean kitchen fan.
Vacuum all fabric covered furniture or furniture with removable cushions.
Clean the inside of exterior windows.
Dust and clean all window blinds.
Dust and clean all air vent covers. Removable portions of registers, diffusers, and grills shall be removed and cleaned on monthly cycle. The entire removable portion shall be cleaned. The inside of the ducts behind the registers, diffusers, and grills shall be vacuumed (as far as the vacuum hose shall reach), and then washed and sprayed with a germicidal detergent, and the removable portions replaced.
Strip and re-finish all linoleum tile floors including all patient use rooms, offices and corridors, paying close attention to corners and along baseboards, floors must have a high level of shine.
Shampoo all carpeted areas.
Clean the outside of exterior windows.

There are four 2-piece washrooms and four larger washrooms with two stalls each.
Mop and disinfect tiled flooring with an EPA-approved hospital-grade germicide/disinfectant.
Clean and disinfect washroom fixtures with an EPA-approved hospital-grade germicide/disinfectant.

Clean and disinfect shower area floor and fixtures with an EPA-approved hospital-grade germicide/disinfectant Pay particular attention to corners. Remove debris from drain.

Replace/refill all bathroom supplies (toilet tissue, hand towels, soap/lotion, cleansers etc.) only hand soap will be provided by the government, all other supplies will be furnished by the contractor. Clean floor with dust mop and wet mop. Clean floor of soil and debris. Clean toilet with a toilet swab, and clean metal surfaces using EPA-approved germicide/disinfectant. Remove stains with a non-abrasive cleaner, and rinse. Clean wall urinals with toilet brush, sponge, non-abrasive cleaner and EPA-approved germicide/disinfectant. Clean glass surfaces (including mirrors) with glass cleaner. Mirrors should be spot free. Clean walls, stall dividers around and behind urinals and bowls with EPA-approved germicide/disinfectant. Clean wash basins and soap dishes in the same manner. Work solution vigorously into the drains and under the lip of toilet bowl and wall urinal. Clean pipes under sink. Wipe down ledges, sills and room walls with EPA-approved germicide/ disinfectant. Remove garbage along with garbage bag from waste receptacle, and wipe down receptacle with wiping cloth; replace liner. Use non-abrasive cleaner to remove stubborn stains.

Clean & disinfect all rooms, counter tops, cabinet tops, tables, sinks, foot stools, ledges on exam tables, wall mounted medical devices, and horizontal surfaces with an EPA-approved hospital-grade germicide/disinfectant on a daily basis between 3:30 PM 4:30 PM.

Clean tables on daily basis.
Put chairs up on tables after both have been cleaned on a daily basis.

Clean gym floor with dust mop and wet mop.
Wipe down gym equipment.

Frequency of services:

Daily: Floors, horizontal surfaces, windows, trash cans, sinks and related structures, dispensers, stools and urinals, restrooms, waiting rooms, stairs, entry way, exam rooms and offices, to include conference and break rooms.

Every two weeks: Furniture, wall mounted fans, housecleaning closet, partitions, artificial plants and flowers.

Monthly: Baseboards, walls and doors, drapes and vertical blinds

Every two months: Strip old wax and reapply, and buff to a shine, wall accessories, ceiling and related structures.

Every four months: Carpet cleaning

Janine Childs

Contract Specialist

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