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Afghan National Detention Facility and Prison - Parwan

Virginia, United States
Government : Military
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This project will accommodate growth requirements at the Afghan National Detention Facility & Prison - Parwan by construction of critical facilities and infrastructure to increase the capacity of detainees and prisoners, along with providing a new Guard LSA & barracks area. In addition to the required facilities listed below, work shall include site improvements, grading and drainage, existing road and ditch maintenance, new roads, sidewalks, new wells, water distribution, wastewater distribution, electrical power generation (MDHU back-up generators), electrical distribution, propane distribution, perimeter fence, and all other incidental requirements for a complete and usable facility. The following construction projects are included in the ANDF&P-P:

Guard Life Support Area (LSA) & Barracks
Design and construction of the new LSA which will consist of facilities to support roughly 2,000 personnel (breakdown: 116 Officers, 419 NCOs, 1,367 Soldiers/Enlisted). Facilities include 10 enlisted barracks, 3 Officer Barracks, 5 NCO Barracks, a DFAC (2,000 personnel/meal x 3 meals/day), Small Arms Storage, Weapons Storage, and 4 laundry facilities. Although this is a design/build contract, standard designs will be provided for all of these facilities. The contractor, as the Designer of Record, will be responsible for reviewing all designs and making necessary design changes in accordance with the specs and will ensure all code compliance.

Modular Detainee Housing Unit (MDHU) & Kitchen
The Modular Detainee Housing Unit (MDHU) expansion will include the design and construction of 15 new MDHUs to match the existing design. The Contractor will also have to relocate the existing prison perimeter wall (T-walls) and construct a new perimeter wall around the newly constructed MDHU's. In order to support these additional detainees a kitchen will need to be designed and constructed in the expansion area for the MDHUs. The kitchen will consist of approximately 80 propane stoves to support meals for 11,000 personnel for 3 meals per day (total of 33,000 meals per day). The kitchen shall include appropriate amount of chiller space, dry material storage and shelving and food storage area, food preparation area, food cooking area and food distribution area for 33,000 meals per day. The kitchen will require a triple layer fencing with privacy screens and concertina wire around the kitchen and secured propane storage to match existing and adhere with existing force protection standards at the prison and connect to the existing secured walkway.

Security fencing around this area shall include gates for food delivery access to the kitchen. The kitchen will also require a secured propane storage area and a 6M high interlocking Alaska Barrier security wall between the new kitchen area and the expansion MDHU recreation areas to avoid prisoners' interaction with kitchen staff.

Erica Taylor , Contracting Officer, Email - Oksana Strekha , Contracting Specialist, Email

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