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Advanced Technology Innovation Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for the Missile Defense Agency Advanced Technology

Alabama, United States
Government : Military
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This publication constitutes a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) issued under the provisions of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 6.102(d)(2), which provides for the competitive selection of research proposals.  Contracts based on responses to this BAA are considered to be the result of full and open competition and in full compliance with the provisions of Public Law 98-369 sec. 2701, "The Competition in Contracting Act of 1984."  Any contracts awarded from this BAA must comply with the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulation (EAR). 

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) will not issue paper copies of this announcement.  MDA reserves the right to select for award and fund all, some, or none of the white papers in response to this announcement.  The cost of preparing white papers in response to this BAA is not considered an allowable direct charge to any resulting contract or to any other contract.  However, it may be an allowable expense to the normal bid and proposal indirect costs as specified in FAR 31.205-18.  It is the policy of MDA to handle all white papers and proposals submitted under this BAA as sensitive competitive information and to disclose their contents only for the purposes of evaluation.

This announcement replaces HQ0147-17-S-0001.  This BAA is intended for proposals related to advanced research technology development and not related to the development of a specific system or hardware procurement.  Work funded under this BAA may include applied research and advanced technology development that is not related to the development of a specific system or hardware procurement.  This BAA is used to fulfill the MDA's requirement for scientific study and experimentation directed toward advancing the state-of-the-art or increasing knowledge or understanding rather than focusing on a specific system or hardware solution.

Andrea Mitchell, Contract Specialist, Phone 2564501375, Email - Willis Brice, Contracting Officer, Phone 256-450-4790, Email

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