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"Open" Request for Applications (oRFA): Foundation Support Partners (FSP)

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United States
Non-Profit : Charitable

The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF) operates a Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC), designs & manages a portfolio of Charitable Workforce Training Programs, and serves as 501c3 Fiscal Sponsor for young and grassroots start-ups.

Our mission is to develop, acquire and provide access to free and discounted professional development resources across business & industry, help future tax exempt entities become established, and help young tax exempts launch & mobilize their operations.

Our vision...Incubator of the future, for the future.

To be successful in our work require help thru partnerships. TLLF recently issued an RFA for Support Partners questionnaire to establish its "go-to pool of vendors and received a number of applicants. To you we say, Thank you very much.

We also had a number of requests for an extension to the October 2017 deadline and have elected to reissue the RFA as an Open RFA for support service partners.

The oRFA covers the three main (3) categories of services for which we are seeking partners:
1) Grant Writing/Fundraising (GWF),
2) Web Development (WebDev), &
3) Specialized Business Services (SBS).

The Specialized Business Service category would include but not be limited to support areas such as:
** App, Application, & Web Development (includes custom development NOT template solutions)
** Audio/Video Production
** Construction, Logistical, Real Estate & Other Location-based Needs
** Credentialing & Workforce Training System (program, infrastructure, software tools, & materials library)
** Curricula/Instructional Design, & Professional Development
** Media Disposal, Storage, & Compliance
** Publishing, Print & Document Binding Services
** Technology Infrastructure Services
** Venue Space Rentals (until our brick-n-mortar complex is built)

The oRFA is an open document because there is no deadline for submission. The Foundation will continue to accept "oRFA's on a rolling basis to assure the capacity of our partnership is always in line with the increase or program awardees, members, expansion of programmatic activities, and the demands anticipated by our newly launched Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC).

Feel free to download the oRFA from this site and to visit us online at Do be advised our main websites content is in the process of being prepped for migration to WordPress in the near future.

Thank you in advance for your time and for considering a support partnership with The Learners Lab Foundation.

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