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"prison rate elimination act"

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    1. Agency/Office: MICC Fort Drum MICC - Fort Drum Title: General Blanket ******** ********* This is for ************* only. This is not a request for quote and no exists. The Mission and Installati... New York, United States
      • Construction
    2. 05Nov2019 update: name and the scope in Section III. ********** ***** ********** changed from to Audrey M **** The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities *** Command (CCDC), ******** ** Combat ******** Maryland, United States
      • Construction
      • Research & Development
      • Development
      • Engineering
    3. This synopsis is for only. This is not a request for quote and no ************ The Mission ********* Command (MICC), Fort Drum, NY is seeking **** in New York willing to enter into a ********* New York, United States
    4. SOURCES SOUGHT SYNOPSIS For Rio Grande San Acacia Phase 2B - Levee Socorro County, New Mexico *THE ************ FOR THIS ******** BE POSTED UNDER This is a SOURCES SOUGHT ************* a market survey f... New Mexico, United States
      • Construction
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