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    1. This presolicitation notice is to notify of the intent to with only one source for the ** repair and update of the MPN-14K ******** Radar to be to Tinker Air Force Base, OK. The ** are to b... Texas, United States
      • Technology
    2. TRINITY RIVERS REGION - FY20 WINTER GATE *********S This is a for Trinity Rivers Region, Gate ********* ******** in with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, for Evaluation and ** for Ite... Texas, United States
    3. The Federal Bureau of Prisons, Field Office located in Grand Texas intends to make a single award for the ********* of ***** Medical for the Federal ************ (FCI) located in Pekin, IL. are to submit **... Texas, United States
    4. The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Office ******** a for Gulf Texas GIWW, Channel to * Area Improvements in Calhoun County, Texas. THE WORK OF a dike raise ********* 51,000 CY of * ... Texas, United States
    5. The Request for Proposal (RFP) JPPSO Houston I, II, hereby ******************* Please see the ******** files for The cut-off date for ********* is 9 2019, 2:00PM CDT. Michael C. Adler, Phone----, Email ---- - Mar... Texas, United States
    6. GOVERNMENT FOREST SALE SALVAGE ********** FOR BIDS NO. * Sealed bid subject to the terms and set forth in the **********s for Bids, for the and removal of the property listed in this notice to ... Texas, United States
    7. The purpose of this acquisition is to the method of for Mixed Reality * ******** It was * that a BPA was the most contracting method, in *********** with greater control over * co... Texas, United States
    8. This requirement is for to inspect and ** (19) of the depot's above-ground fuel storage tanks Kevin Michael Palmer, ** , Email ---- - Archie ing Email ---- Texas, United States
    9. See attached Joseph E. Hudson, ********** Email ---- - Michael ing ********** Email ---- Texas, United States
    10. GOVERNMENT FOREST SALE SALVAGE ** FOR BIDS NO. ******* Sealed bid subject to the terms and set forth herein, for the and removal of the listed in this **, will be unt... Texas, United States
    11. ITEM NO SUPPLIES/SERVICES UNIT UNIT PRICE AMOUNT 0001 8 LOUPES FFP The Texas Army Guard loupes. Please (Brand- Design for Vison, Part #- Loupes) for comparison ONLY. ******** Texas, United States
    12. The 301ST Operational Flight at NAS Fort Worth, JRB TX, intends to award a price (FFP) to the of B1628. This is a in accordance with the format in FAR 12.6 as ************ with the ***... Texas, United States
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