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    1. April 21, 2017 The Federal Bureau of Prisons, Federal ********** Texas, intends to issue RFQ---- for the of Fork Lift. The NAICS code for this is 333924. Offers will be FOB *********** with on June... Texas, United States
    2.   The ********* 502 CONS/JBKAB, is ************* the of two (2) 3D SystemS (or ************* Please see ******** List for all items.  If in ********* an EQUAL please ensure to provide ... Texas, United States
    3. ENTER THE FOLLOWING INTO THE FIELDS: Type: Texas, United States
    4. This acquisition is set aside for 100% small *************** The is ********* Brand Name or items under NAICS 339920 for ***********.  Please, read the Request for *************** The *********** in this shall be Tr... Texas, United States
    5. Type: ***********************************************************************************;***********************************************************************************; Sources Sought ... Texas, United States
    6. REQUEST FOR FOR ROMAN PRIEST THIS IS A REQUEST FOR ONLY. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR ******** OR ********* OR AN OF A ************* This sources sought request for is for the purpose of ********** mar... Texas, United States
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    7. This is a Sources Sought Notice announcement; market survey for only, to be used for ******** No are being or with this THIS IS NOT A FOR AND NO SHALL BE AWARDED FROM THIS NOTICE. Any requests for... Texas, United States
    8.   The ********* 502 CONS/JBKAB, is ************* the of one (1) Aperio 23CS100 Slide Scanner (or ************* Please see ******** List for all items.  If in ********* an EQUAL please ensu... Texas, United States
    9. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Office ******** a to at approx. 3 outlet Work may **** and painting *** of pad for ******** pad, and/or minor earth work at PA's 6A, ... Texas, United States
    10.  This Request For (RFQ) is for a firm fixed price order for the item ********** as: DISK DRIVE, 600 GB 6G SAS 10K SFF * be API Part No. is a Sole Source *********** Programs, Inc. ***... Texas, United States
    11. IGF::CL::IGF Provide Hearing ******** for the Fort Smith, AR hearing office on court *** on appeal cases. ******** LINDA Texas, United States
    12. U.S. GOVERNMENT General (GSA) seeks to lease the ********* space: State: Texas City: ******** Area: North: ******** Street. East: Willow Street South: Liberty Avenue West: Street Minimum Sq. Ft. (A... Texas, United States
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