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    1. Please review the Market (which is in this ******** for the NSN(s) and provide any sources that may be able to these items. The only ******** sources for these NSN(s) are listed on the Market . All *... Ohio, United States
    2.   The subject is for the of NSN ***************** radio freq switch.  An ********** with a three year base period and 2 option years is ************ Origin is *********  is This ************ Ohio, United States
    3.   This notice was posted to sources that can any of the NSN(s) listed below and are ********** in quoting a long-term ********* This notice was posted for the purpose of market only and is not a Request for ... Ohio, United States
    4.   DLA Puget Sound intends to issue a for the of a electric ******** NAICS 334515, FSC for the Puget Sound Naval & IMF., *********** This will be on a 100% small ... Ohio, United States
    5. Proposed for NSN---- PIPE Line 0001 Qty 20.00 UI EA Deliver To: W1A8 DLA DIST SAN JOAQUIN By: 0200 DAYS *********** source is 7PZX0 The solicitation is an RFQ and will be at the link ******** in this notice. Hard copies of... Ohio, United States
    6.   Item Name: Tire, Ground ******** Stock Numbers (NSN): &nbsp---- Unit of Issue: EA *********** FOB Point will be within CONUS U.S. ********* NAICS Code: 3... Ohio, United States
    7. DLA Land and is to solicit a buy of 18 each ******** Body, Valve. The and part number for this NSN is Circor ********** Inc. (50601) P/N DLA Land and does not possess technical data for this NSN. Ohio, United States
    8.   Review the below NSN and provide us with any sources that are able to the item. Please provide the POCs for these if ********** All of this information can be ********* to Ken Pliska at ----, Phone ----on the market Ohio, United States
    9.   This and any ********** will be posted to the FBO website:---- ********** of quotes is through the FBO website or to officer via email- ----   MUST BE ********* IN ITS AND RETURNED... Ohio, United States
    10. Sources Sought Please see attached Space Apps 2019 Sources Sought Tyler R. Braden, ******** *** ********** Email ---- Ohio, United States
    11. THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE ONLY. This notice does NOT constitute a request for request for quote, or for bid. No formal ************ ******** exists at this time. We are seeking for market ******** only. The will not ... Ohio, United States
    12. 1. BACKGROUND Rising in and around cities are causing issues. There is * sprawl of urban areas and commute times are * both due to * and * on roads and p... Ohio, United States
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