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    1. BIA, NRO, Ft. Agency, DOT This is a Buy Indian Set Aside. The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is ********** offers for for BIA N12, N7, N12, N30, N31, N54, N110, N100, N112 routes per ******** SOW. This is a New Mexico, United States
    2.  NOTE: relates to notice ***************** This notice does not * a new but is an updated version of the now ******** notice. 0001: The purpose of 0001 to the is to: *... New Mexico, United States
    3. IMRO ARCHAEOLOGY, METER Gorman, Olivia New Mexico, United States
    4. Sustainable on public lands is a *********** that ** to healthy ********** and local **** it encourages present and future *** to *********** in * *** project sharing ideas, val... New Mexico, United States
    5. This is a combined for items in with the format in Federal ** (FAR) Subpart 12.6, as with information in this notice. This *********** the only quotes are being * and a writ... New Mexico, United States
    6. OUR OFFICE WILL NOT ACCEPT QUOTE VIA EMAIL. PLEASE USE THE ELECTRONIC IN FBO.GOV (LOG-IN This is a ******** * for items ******** in with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as ** with additional New Mexico, United States
    7. This Sources Sought Notice is for informational and only and shall not be ********* as a ***** an or ********** by the Area Indian Health The Area Indian Health Service of and Grants Program is lo... New Mexico, United States
    8. MULESHOE SOLAR POWER - convert three ******** wells to Solar PV wells Aragon, Lorenzo New Mexico, United States
    9. IMRO-SF: SERVICE FOR DIGITAL PHOTO DATA ENTRY. Mobley, Pollard New Mexico, United States
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    10. The Albuquerque Area Indian Health Service (AAIHS) has a for the ***** MSU PMA and ******** Plan Service ** Offerors are invited to submit in to *** no. The ... New Mexico, United States
    11. COMBINED NOTICE *************** AFB HOIST TOWER REMOVAL * ******** 4 Sep 19, 4:00PM (MST) Site ******* 29 Aug 19, 1:00 PM, Truman Gate Visitor Center Email Notification... New Mexico, United States
    12. Cannon Air Force Base is seeking to procure . See the Excel for more ****************** On the " *********** please use the bottom tabs to through to see Any and all can be to Lt Michael Chew in th... New Mexico, United States
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