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    1. 1. Vendor must be able to provide on All Purpose Gloves no later than 1 APR 2019. 2. All Purpose Gloves specifications must Black a. No other colors ************* Palm and Thumb **** Fingers ********* ... Minnesota, United States
    2. This is a combined for items ******** in with FAR FAR 12.6, ********** for Items, as ** with * in this notice. This announcement the only *** quotes are being Minnesota, United States
    3. The shall provide 1.0 FTE ************** ******** on site in with the specifications herein to ************* of the of ******** Affairs (VA) and the VA Health Care System. Place of shall furnish ***... Minnesota, United States
    4. The United States Department of (USDA), Animal Plant Health ********** Service ******** Plant ********** ********* (PPQ) Dog ******** Center (NDDTC) program is seeking to a ******** for specifically ********** and beagles for... Minnesota, United States
      • Business Services
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      • Inspection
    5. IGF::OT::IGF -- Garbage The U. S. Fish and ******** Service ** a ******** Order for at points for the Crab Orchard ******** Refuge area near Marion, The Period of ** for this work will be from ********* Minnesota, United States
    6. U.S. GOVERNMENT United States of (USDA) seeks to lease the ********* space: State: Nevada City: ********* Area: City limits of NV Minimum Sq. Ft. (ABOA): 1,300 Maximum Sq. Ft. (A... Minnesota, United States
      • Construction
      • Rail, Roads & Parking
    7. This Notice of Intent is provided to advise that the intends to solicit and a sole source, Firm Fixed Price ******** Order with only one source, Scanlan **** Inc. to provide a Custom Tools for *********** of Septal *... Minnesota, United States
    8. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - St. Paul is seeking a to supply and deliver one new Backhoe to the ******** Ashtabula Project in Valley City, North Dakota. The shall accept as ******** a 2002 John Deere 310G The... Minnesota, United States
    9. This is not a request for quotes. General Description: The shall supply all labor and * * to remove and dispose of all the * and replace with new LED in with the future sp... Minnesota, United States
      • Construction
      • Building
    10. The U.S. Department of Animal Plant Health ********** ********** CFTEP program is in need of a Firm Fixed Price Janitorial for their ******** in Eagle Pass, TX. The for one base year and 4 option years. Pricing shall include all cost... Minnesota, United States
      • Construction
      • Professional Services
      • Inspection
      • Janitorial
    11. Page 1 of 4 SOURCES SOUGHT ANNOUNCEMENT The of Veteran Affairs (VA), Health ************** (VHA) is seeking * sources for the supply, and tank of Medical Grade Liquid Bulk Oxygen and the ******** of medical gases for the... Minnesota, United States
      • Research & Development
      • Medical
    12. The Federal Correctional ** * intends to issue 15B---- for the 3rd FY 2019 milk This is 100% set-aside for small under NAICS 311511. The ** contemplates award of a price type *... Minnesota, United States
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