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    1. THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ONLY. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR The Air Force is seeking sources for a ********* ** 100% Small set aside. The purpose of this sources sought notice is to obtain on and ** c... Minnesota, United States
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    2. Page 1 of 1 FOR ********** ITEMS General ******** Type: /Synopsis Number: ************* Posted Date: ******** Date: 8AM CST Set Aside SDVOSB NAICS Code: 561320 Thi... Minnesota, United States
    3. 1. This is a for ********** ******** in with Federal Acquisition (FAR) 12 and Part 13 and ************ ******** in this notice. This the only ********** are being requested and a written ************ will... Minnesota, United States
    4. SOURCES SOUGHT Cardiac Monitoring Service This is a Sources Sought request by the ********** of ******** NCO 23, in Saint Paul, The services being sought are for the Iowa City Affairs Health Care System ********** This request is for q... Minnesota, United States
    5. SUPPLY: FY 19 BLOODWORM ORDER Young, Ian Minnesota, United States
    6. Sources Sought- Non Lumen Sterilization NAICS Code: 339113 Notice Type: Sources Sought This is a Request for (RFI) only; it is not a request for or offers. ******** -- Request for or Solicitation for ******** (Oct 1... Minnesota, United States
    7. Page 1 of 1 FOR ********** ITEMS General ******** Type: /Synopsis Number: ************* Posted Date: ******** Date: 8AM CST Set Aside SDVOSB NAICS Code: 621111 Thi... Minnesota, United States
    8. RFQ-AC Maintenance Service Leah Azure, Phone ----, Fax ----, Email ---- Minnesota, United States
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    9. IGF::OT::IGF MORRIS WMD CLEANUP Young, Ian Minnesota, United States
    10. Dear Vendor: Enclosed is a package by the Federal Bureau of ******** Federal **** Waseca, MN, Officer for the of various *** products. This package all the *********** for a request for quote... Minnesota, United States
    11. BACKGROUND: The U.S. of Animal and Plant Health Plant *** has a in the Lihue Airport cargo bay in which of agricultural takes place. The 1,020 SF is located at 3901 Loop, Bl... Minnesota, United States
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    12. AUDITORIUM Nelson, Meaghan Minnesota, United States
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