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    1. This notice is a combined for items ******** in with the format in Federal ********** (FAR) Subpart 12.6 for Evaluation and ** for Items," as *********** and as with information... Maryland, United States
    2. The purpose of this acquisition is to provide the of ************ and Stroke (NINDS) (EMG) Section with a ******** of one (1) Monitor (IOM) device for of **** There has been an need for **... Maryland, United States
    3. The Office of Legislation (OL) directs and manages the Food and Drug * * Online * such as needs and * OL advises and assists the and other key agency officials needs, ********** Maryland, United States
    4. This is a notice of Air Combat Command (ACC) Acquisition and Center (AMIC) ******** intent to a sole source Firm Fixed Price Level of Effort to Blue Force, Inc., 6 Square, Suite 101, Hampton, VA 23666 f... Maryland, United States
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    5. The United States Coast Guard Surface Forces Logistics Center has a and * for the part: Item 1) NSN: EJECTOR ******** SEWAGE TANK MODEL 111 STEEL WITH 40MM NOZZLE MFG: EVAC NORTH AMERICA ... Maryland, United States
    6. The purpose of this document is to the online of the CTP Budget and Team (BFPT) include formulating the *** budget for fiscal years as well as ********** to **... Maryland, United States
    7. The Army Corps of Engineers, ********* is ********** ******** from the ************ the ********* use of a Project Labor (PLA) for a large scale ************ In accordance with DFARS 236.204 - of the ********* of Maryland, United States
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    8. Biorepository of Lung Human Induced Stem Cells Brady, Mark E. Maryland, United States
    9. The Social Security (SSA) is market ******** to ******** vendors capable of data sources to their domains, and of ********* FAIN, KATHY ---- Maryland, United States
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    10. Sources Sought Notice: 75H70419Q00050 Secret Server Plus Ed. ********   ******** This is a Sources Sought notice. This is NOT a for s, or quotations. The purpose of this notice is t... Maryland, United States
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    11. The combined number is This **** ** and clauses are those in effect through Federal (FAC) 90-31. This requirement is a **** The ********** North America ****** System ******** Maryland, United States
    12. The National and Space (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) plans to issue a Request for ******** (RFP) for a Supra Thermal Ion Sensor (STIS) for the Space Weather Follow On (SWFO - L1) ******** The SWFO - L1 Mission is a high ... Maryland, United States
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