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    1. Conducting Market - Air Sample ******** Beverly R. ********** Email ---- Maryland, United States
    2. 1. The ** is a for ******** in support of the 2018 * as defined in the PWS 1). The period of for this effort is five (5) days. The *** contract start date is 13 Aug 2018. The ** intends to... Maryland, United States
    3. U.S. ~ Tax Exempt All shall be ********* via email to Jessica Davis at ---- no later than 5 P.M EST 24 April, 2017. ************ ---- is issued as an intent to sole source. The intends to **... Maryland, United States
    4.   This RFI is in support of market being by the Naval Surface Warfare Center ********* Division ******** to sources for the for small ******** the ************ of large and small ******** and stan... Maryland, United States
    5. This notice serves as pre- The NO: ****** will be issued for Rodent ******** NAICS 561710 size **** The project is a total small set aside, and has an period of (1) base year and (4) ... Maryland, United States
    6. DESCRIPTION: THIS IS A FOR ITEMS ******** IN WITH THE FORMAT IN FAR SUBPART **************** FOR AND SOLICITATION FOR ************ WITH * ******** IN THIS NOTICE. THIS Maryland, United States
    7. Solicitation ---- is issued as intent to sole source. The intends to on a firm * basis, and to solicit and the proposed order on a sole source basis with HES Energy Systems PTE, LTD. under the ********* by Feder... Maryland, United States
    8. Solicitation is issued as a The ** intends to on a firm basis and to solicit and * the order on a brand name basis under the of FAR must be and AMF, under the ... Maryland, United States
    9. The purpose of this notice is to obtain information the and ********** of large ********** and small ********** (e.g., 8(a), veteran owned small HUBZone small small * veteran-owned small and small )... Maryland, United States
    10. This is a combined for items in with Federal ** (FAR) Subpart 12.6, as with information in this notice. Naval Surface Warfare Center ******** intends to award a firm fixed price (FF... Maryland, United States
    11. The Food and Drug Administration intends to award sole source to State ******** for Egg . The State ******** must have the and capabilit}' to gain access to private ********** in order to conduct ********** in with ... Maryland, United States
    12. The United States Coast Guard Surface Forces Logistics Center has an urgent and ********** for the ********* part: Item 1) NSN: , WATER * 4-1/2"D X L, TREATS 55,000 OF WATER ******** SH... Maryland, United States
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