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    1. The proposed action is for ******** or ******** for which the intends to solicit and ********* with only one source under the of FAR ******* ed persons may ******** their and to respond to the or submit ****... Maine, United States
      • Supplies
    2. This is a Sources Sought Notice only. This is not a solicitation. FAR Brand Name or Equal (AUG 1999) A. GENERAL ** Title of of Ultima * LXP * washing machine Background: Dr. Waxman ... Maine, United States
      • Research & Development
    3. The purpose of this contract is to Solicit for one (1) Maine Nurse to assist with the Maine Army ******** Guard's Youth camp. shall provide all labor, * administration, and to assure that all ... Maine, United States
      • Business Services
      • Research & Development
      • Management
      • Training
      • Transportation
      • Medical
    4.   SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE. No is This notice is pursuant to FAR ** with Naval (PNS) is seeking to sources ** in in a Multiple Award (MAC... Maine, United States
    5. The will be made to the public solely *** through the General Federal Opportunities website at Hard copies of the **** will not be . This site instructions. All future * this acq... Maine, United States
      • Research & Development
      • Medical
    6. ATTACHMENT 1 - PAST AND COVER LETTER ******** one set of letters and forms for each project in your firm s SF 330 Section F, Example Which Best Team s ** for This Contract. space or... Maine, United States
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