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    1. The Defense Systems Agency ** (DITCO) Section PL8414, 2300 East Drive, Scott AFB IL 62225, is a draft * for the purposes of The ******** action is for a single award *... Illinois, United States
      • Technology
      • Information Technology
    2. This announcement serves as a notice to all that the Army Guard, USPFO, Office, 1301 N. Blvd, IL 62702 * is conducting market for a small set aside for ********* to support Army... Illinois, United States
      • Professional Services
      • Research & Development
      • Market Research
    3. The Army Contracting Command - Rock Island is market ********** to provide a ******** secure, Land Mobile Radio (LMR) trunked system with the ability to be used by U.S. and Kuwaiti Armed Forces ********** the State of Kuwait. To *... Illinois, United States
      • Business Services
      • Personnel
    4. Solicitation for Offers No: 5CT0052 Type: Date Posted: * of The * is seeking to lease office and related space in East CT for a minimum of 2,152 Office Area (ABOA) to a ma... Illinois, United States
      • Business Services
      • Procurement
    5. The purpose of this Sources Sought is to seek qualified vendors capable of ********* dies that are: 28 inches wide and 28 inches long Shut height *** 28 inches shank) Current shank is 1.92 inches tall and 9.97 ******** Illinois, United States
    6. This is a combined for items in with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. This announcement * the only quotes are being ********* and a written will NOT be issu... Illinois, United States
    7. Please see attached Pricing and ********* If you have any ********* or please contact the POC below. * THIS IS ONLY. This action is a Small... Illinois, United States
      • Supplies
      • Hardware
    8. Sources Sought Notice- National Program The purpose of this Sources Sought Notice is for ** and ******** only and does not * a Offers are not being at this time. The Government does not intend to ... Illinois, United States
    9. The Subcontractor will modify all aspects of our refuge chamber so that in the event of an it can support an *********** of at least 144 people for 96 hours. Please e-mail James Hohbein (----) or ---- to obtain a copy ... Illinois, United States
    10. PROJECT 537-18-136A OR AHU 5 NOTICE: The ******** below is for only, and does not constitute a request for quote, or bid. The Great Lakes *********** Center (GLAC) Tier ************ Team has a for a ... Illinois, United States
      • Research & Development
      • Construction
      • Medical
    11. ****NS/EP SUBMIT A QUOTE TO ******** ******** AND A *********** SERVICE FROM BLDG 15501L, RM TELCO, FL 1, 41 LAKE CANYON ROAD, AFB, CA, * TO BLDG 33, ROOM 115, SWITCH ROOM, 652 RONALD REAGAN BLVD, PT MUGU, CA 93042-5... Illinois, United States
    12. Final Request for Proposals (RFP) and ******** Library for the Global ********* - (GSM-O) The anticipates hosting site visits at both DISA Global Command (DGOC) East (Scott AFB, IL) a... Illinois, United States
      • Business Services
      • Technology
      • Management
      • Operations
      • Hosting
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