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    1.   THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE ONLY. This is not a or a request for ******** and no ******** will be awarded from this notice. No or ***** are at this time. shall be used for planning Hawaii, United States
    2. This is a COMBINED for items ******** in with the in FAR Subpart 12.6, using ********** under FAR 13 as supplemented with the ******** in this notice. This * the only **; a wr... Hawaii, United States
    3. This is a Sources Sought and Request for Information notice only. This is not a Request for (RFP) and a formal is not ********* at this time. This notice does not ********** a by the ********** to issue an RFP, or order. T... Hawaii, United States
    4. The Government is a firm ** ******** for mooring lines for the USAV SSGT Robert T. Kuroda ******** Two (2) 300-ft and 12 150-ft of 1-5/8 inch Dyneema polyester blend with minimum ** ********* Hawaii, United States
    5. This notice does NOT constitute a request for request for quote, or for bid. This Sources Sought is a market tool being to * the of sources prior to issuing Blanket Agreements for and ... Hawaii, United States
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    6. Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and ******** (PHNSY & IMF) intends to award a sole source ******** under the 10 U.S.C. as by Federal (FAR) ******** "Only One Source and No Other ******** or Wil... Hawaii, United States
    7. In accordance with FAR the is ** a brand name only ** for Phantom ***** For safe and optimal to facilitate ************** systems are ******************* Without these ****... Hawaii, United States
    8. Please see attached for ********* 4ea Selmer Paris 54, alto Quantity 3ea, Selmer Paris 54, tenor *** These all come with shaped flight cases for ease of travel, *** and care Hawaii ... Hawaii, United States
    9. 1) The Army ing 413th Support Bridge (CSB), ******** ing Office (RCO) Hawaii has a to provide Refuse and *********** and Services for the United States Army Reserve Theater Support Group, on the Island of Hawaii, United States
    10. Kauai Economic Board is seeking to ******** the next phase of ******** for the Kauai * Center. The Kaua`i * Center (KCTC) is one of the island's ** to ********* its current tourism economy to include mo... Hawaii, United States
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    11. Brand Name or equal to Holophane Pole catalog number P2 ND BZ 0. 25 foot high +/- 2 inch round tapered light poles ********** to meet or exceed AASHTO 2009 **** with welds that conform to AWS ********** welding code. Hand hol... Hawaii, United States
    12. This notice does NOT constitute a request for request for quote, or for bid. The intent of this notice is for sources sought * to solicit * from * Small Naval Engineering Command ********* Hawaii, United States
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