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    1. 2020 -2021 Hartwell Park Hector L. *** *** Email ---- - J. Scheil, *** Email ---- Georgia, United States
    2. The purpose of this amendment is to change the type of from ************ to "Pre-Solicitation All other related to this remains the same. The will be provided for a variety of within areas of ************ at ... Georgia, United States
    3. This is a COMBINED for LODGING for the Georgia Air Guard. This * is in with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, and Part 13 as * with *** in this notice. This * *** the only ******** Georgia, United States
    4. SEE ATTACHED SOURCES SOUGHT Market is being ********* to sources that may possess the and ** to meet the requirements for ***** and of the ********* ALR-56M Power NSN ... Georgia, United States
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    5. Please Review RFI and all attachments.  NAICS are listed in ******** as this RFI covers a wide range of NSNs with ******** NAICS associated with NAICS 541330 was ******** for RFI posting only as an NAICS and may be **********... Georgia, United States
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    6. AFLCMC intends to solicit and negotiate, on a sole source basis, a 3 year IDIQ to meet the in the support for the Model 527 Radar Test Set and the Joint Service ********** Combat Systems Tester ******** and A for of Defense (DoD) ... Georgia, United States
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    7. This sources sought is issued by General Services (GSA), in support of United States Special Command ********* Program ********* Office (PEO) SOF Program ********** (PM) SOF - Support ********* Systems (PM SOF SSES) for the Tac... Georgia, United States
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    8. This Sources Sought Synopsis (SSS) is being to ********* sources that may possess the ** and ********** to meet the for the ***** and production of the 10K, 50K, and 210K *** Fuel Tank (CFT) for use by the U.S. ... Georgia, United States
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    9. This FBO advertisement is hereby into the RLP by way of ********* as an RLP **** U.S. seeks to lease the ********* office space through the Acquisition Program (AAAP): City: Tampa State: A... Georgia, United States
    10. The Defense Logisitics Agency at Robins AFB, GA will require spare parts of Fluid Valve (NSN ** qty 1 EACH. ** is for a Firm Fixed Price ******** for ***** Government/Commercial Georgia, United States
    11. General ******** (GSA) Public Service (PBS), Region 4, is for ******** repair and * to Government owned and leased space in various within the State of The scope of ******** but is not limit... Georgia, United States
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    12.   RADAR *** NUMBER: M67004-20-Q-0003, *** CLOSES 25   Point of contact is Julie Dept. (Code S1950) 814 Radford BLVD MCLB Albany, GA *********** ----, FAX ----, or... Georgia, United States
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