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    1. REMOVE OLD / INSTALL NEW AIR ** (i) This is a for TIME * items in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as **** with *********** in this notice. This **... Arizona, United States
    2. Sources sought for 100% Indian economic under the Buy Indian Act and DIAR part 1480. Please respond if capable of the armored car ******** for base plus 4 option years. The San Carlos * Project is located in ******** The proj... Arizona, United States
    3. This is a Request for Information (RFI) For Test Only; seeking sources and is Not a Notice of * to this RFI is strictly and will not affect any ***** ability to submit an offer if and when a is * There is NO... Arizona, United States
    4. Pull Type Center Pivot Disc Mower Conditioner Krystal Arizona, United States
    5. Records Management Paul Arizona, United States
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    6.   General (GSA) seeks to lease the ********* space State: AZ City: PHOENIX Delineated Area: ************ Road SO... Arizona, United States
    7. INSTRUCTIONS, NOTICES TO ********* A. SET-ASIDE: This ************ is a 100% Total Small B. NAICS CODE: 541519 C. SIZE $27.5 Million D. ********* Please note that all ******** to ... Arizona, United States
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    8. The USDA Forest Service, ******** ****** has a *********** for (IDIQ) award ( year) for Hazard or Brood Tree Removal ** The Government *** a Firm under the Re... Arizona, United States
    9. The USDA Forest Service, ******** ****** has a *********** for (IDIQ) award ( year) Range Fence **** s. The ** a Firm under the Request For Pro... Arizona, United States
      • Construction
    10. This Sources Sought / Market Survey Questionnaire is posted to sources that may possess the ********** **** and to meet the ************ for (A-E) Services. **** this notice is to assist in if t... Arizona, United States
    11. The USDA Forest Service, ******** Black Mesa Ranger * has for Forest Roads ** and ****** All of this work is covered under the Davis-Bacon Act. The ** making ******** awards (MAS) of Firm IDIQ... Arizona, United States
      • Construction
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      • Rail, Roads & Parking
    12.   This FBO is hereby into the RLP ********* by way of reference as an RLP *********** The U.S. seeks to lease the office space through the ******** Program (AAAP) to fulfill *********** 2020 Census Ar... Arizona, United States
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