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    1. Description: The US Army Command New Jersey on behalf of the US Army ** of Public Works, ******** NJ is ** a Market Survey to identify * sources to design and a ******** for fallen New Jersey Ser... New Jersey, United States
    2. This is a combined for items in with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. This announcement * the only The 177th Fighter Wing intends to ******** a Yellow Ribbon ... New Jersey, United States
    3.   The Naval Air Warfare Center ********** NJ (NAWCADLKE) intends to ************* solicit and award a for the a of one (1) First Article Test Nose Gear Launch (NGL) Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) of Part Number *... New Jersey, United States
      • Business Services
      • Procurement
    4.   The Naval Air Warfare Center ********* intends to issue an award on a Sole Source basis with The Boeing Company, St. Louis MO for a (1) of P/N: Vector Network ******** (VNA); and of (1) P/N: ---- VNA Funnel The... New Jersey, United States
    5. Market Survey for US Army Research and Metal The US Army Command - New Jersey * New Jersey 07806-5000 is ** a Market Survey on behalf of U.S Army ********* and Ce... New Jersey, United States
      • Construction
      • Research & Development
      • Development
      • Engineering
    6.   The Naval Air Warfare Center ********* requires the Low Voltage Circuit Module ********* (P/N in support of the TAF (Taiwan Air Force) P-3C The intends to issue a ******** on a sole source basis for the ... New Jersey, United States
    7. Statement of Work (SOW) Medical (EMT) ********* Units (CEU) A. GENERAL 1. Title of Project: EMT ********* Units 2. Scope of Work: The shall provide all ********* to the tasks and... New Jersey, United States
      • Health & Human Services
      • Research & Development
      • Education
      • Medical
    8. M734A1 Multi-Option and M783 Point Mortar Fuze Market Survey The U.S. Army * Jersey ********* ******** NJ on behalf of the Office of the Project Manager Combat Systems (OPM-CAS), is a market ... New Jersey, United States
    9. The U.S. Army Contracting Command - New Jersey, on behalf of the Office of the Project * Systems * intends to issue a sole source request for (RFP) for the * of the M829A4 120mm, Armor * Fin Stabilized... New Jersey, United States
    10. Page 4 of 4 Request for ** (RFI) VMware License This is a Request for ** **** Sought notice issued in with FAR ********* to conduct market This RFI is issued solely for ** and plannin... New Jersey, United States
      • Professional Services
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      • Market Research
    11.   THIS IS A REQUEST FOR ONLY. It is not a Request for a Request for ********** an Invitation for Bids, a ************* or an that the PMA-251 Program Office or NAVAIR will for the items in this RFI. ********* Nav... New Jersey, United States
    12.   The Naval Air Warfare Center ********* requires MIT ********** Forward Tool to meet ******************* The intends to issue a ******** on a sole source basis for the tool to the ECI Defense Group, L... New Jersey, United States
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