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    1. This notice is a combined for items using ********** * This * will be made in with the format in Federal * Regulation (FAR) Subpart 12.6 ** for ********** and for ************ as appl... Iowa, United States
    2. The United States Department of (USDA), Animal Plant Health Service ******** has a * for a service ********* on 1 TEM Spirt Biotwin Ser# D1185 The service ********* should include 1 ***... Iowa, United States
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    3. The VISN 23 VA Health Care System has a requirement for an Imaging System that is Brand Name or Equal (BNOE) to the Bio Rad MP Imaging Station (part This Station is used to view DNA gels, protein gels or blots with visible light, far r... Iowa, United States
    4. This is a combined for ******** ******** in with the format in Subpart 12.6, as * with * included in this notice. This ** the only **, are being ********* and a written ** will n... Iowa, United States
    5. This ****, is being issued as a Request for (RFQ). This **** and ** and clauses are those in effect through Federal (FAC) 2019-05, 13 Aug 2019. The intends to award a ********** pr... Iowa, United States
    6. Park, The U.S. ********** of Affairs Seeks *********** of for 4866 Rentable Square Feet of ********** Center Space in Park, MN. Notice: This is a notice of a opportunity. This is not a for of... Iowa, United States
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