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    1.     NSN: TIRE, ********** VEHI   The scope of this *********** is for a Firm Fixed Price, (IDC) for the *********** of Stock Number (NSN) . The is ******** an IDC for t... Ohio, United States
    2. Solicitation NAICS codes is 621111, Offices of (except Mental Health ***** the size is $11 The period of *** of this award is to be base plus, four (4) options. parties shall be to... Tennessee, United States
    3. This update posts the final RFP as a Woman Owned Small Business Set Aside. his update ******** the map titled ********** Hoonah Fish Passage and Traffic Safety Map" * This update ******** an advance copy of a number of
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    4. Enclosed is a Request for (RFQ) for the Garden *** If you would like to submit a ** follow the in Section 3 of the ***** the portions of the and submit it to the address shown on the S...
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    5. If viewing this announcement from a source other than Federal *********** ************* (FAACO) visit ---- for the ************* Updates and/or will only be posted to the FAACO ******** The Federal District Of Columbia, United States
    6. The USDA-Natural Service (NRCS) ******** the *********** and ******** Farm and located in Lafayette, LA is issuing this under the Sealed Bid in FAR Part 14 for the ************** Project (... District Of Columbia, United States
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    7. (i)This is a combined for items in with the format in Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. This announcement * the only quotes are being ********* and a written will not be issue... California, United States
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    8. The company shall provide mobile phone and mobile data services to the U.S. Embassy in Prague, The *********** *** period is for a base year, with one (1) option year period, if by the **. All sources may sub...
    9. Wolverine Creek Gravel Jeanna Montana, United States
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    10. This FBO advertisement is hereby into the RLP by way of ********* as an RLP **** U.S. seeks to lease the ********* office space through the Acquisition Program (AAAP): **** ************* Illinois, United States
    11. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT FOR T. Scott, *********** ******** ********** Email ---- District Of Columbia, United States
    12. The purpose of this amendment is to upload the DRAFT Request for and update the *********** Please note that are due on June 18, 2019.  ******** are for reading the *********** in its and with all terms a... District Of Columbia, United States
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