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Y- Wetlands Reserve Program, Devils Garden Slough Wetlands Restoration Plan, Hendry County, Florida

Florida, United States
Government : Military
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Project Description:

SCOPE OF WORK: The project scope for ********* ecological ********* and values, and habitats within a 10,127 acre to **************** conditions through the ******** of 3,300 acres of wetlands. Habitat ********** include the construction of 9 large ditch blocks with a spreader swale, removal of 68 pumps, abandonment of 92 wells, installation of 7 control structures, reshaping of the reservoir dike, cuts in reservoir dike, and construction of reservoir dike. Other conservation practices include earthwork, installation of firebreaks, seeding and mulching, installation of berm cuts and brush management.

The magnitude of construction for this project is estimated to be between $1,000,000.00 and $5,000,000.00. The construction completion is 52...

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