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World Justice Project Index CRM RFP

District Of Columbia, United States
Download the rfp file: INDEX CRM-RFP.doc.

The World Justice Project (WJP) seeks to either redevelop a current nonfunctioning CRM built in Drupal or set up a new CRM using new software to manage survey data, mass mailings and member management.

Within the organization, the Rule of Law Index Team requires a database whose functions are centered on a large yearly email campaign (that is administered over the course of several months, and updated continuously throughout the year). The team needs a functioning database that can interact simultaneously with two other software systems: 1) MailChimp, the mass mailing software program that the team uses to send out email campaigns to potential questionnaire respondents; and 2)SurveyGizmo, the software program the team uses to host their online questionnaires. The information from these interactions needs to be stored within the CRM. The CRM is also the basis of researching and expanding the database of contacts and tracking/monitoring all interactions across campaigns. For more details on the CRM database needed, you can refer to the RFP

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