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Workforce Training

California, United States
Government : Military
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The requirement is to obtain various types of workforce training for FRCSW personnel. The training classes require are Effective teams and Diversity, Leadership and Management, Office Automation, Office Communication and Solutions and Business Acumen. The various training will assist in developing a highly trained and skilled workforce that will support the FRCSWbs strategic plan for workforce development, as well as providing human social skills, knowledge, and abilities for employees to function more efficiently in their jobs. The training will provide communication skills that will provide employees the abilities to properly communicate across different areas of the workplace and to interact more effectively with superiors, peers and subordinates, as well as to understand, use, and integrate those skills and abilities into the workplace.
The training classes will be conducted at FRCSW North Island and FRC West Lemoore and contractor location. There are approximately 50 different types of training. This solicitation (N0024420Q0016) is replacing sources sought announcement (N0024419Q0237).

Mr. Muhanad Sasa 619-556-7739

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