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VFOB Data Conversion

Illinois, United States
Government : Military
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The United States Army Corps of s (USACE) ******** and Development Center ************ ing ******** *********** has a requirement to convert and migrate 230 ********** from the Army ********** Components System (AFCS) to the Virtual Forward Base (VFOB) system. VFOB is an ******** software tool that relies upon a database of base camp "**********" that can be dropped onto a map canvas and serve as virtual representations of actual ********** that can be constructed and used for base camp operational functions. Since VFOB is built on AutoCAD, ********** are stored in a unique format that allows files of the AutoCAD native format (DWG) to be built. VFOB also has features within the software interface that allow blocks and ********** to be formatted for storage in the VFOB database and attach metadata to the **********. The AFCS program has defined approximately 600 ********** and maintains its own database of files for these **********. The goal is to convert and migrate a subset of the AFCS definitions into VFOB, allowing them to be used in VFOB master plans. This effort will require detailed knowledge of AFCS facility data as well as specialized ing judgment to fill in data gaps that will arise going from AFCS...

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