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Urology Physician Services for Columbia VAMC

Georgia, United States
Government : Federal
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Urology Physician Services for Columbia VAMC
Services Provided: The Contractor shall provide Board Certified /Board Eligible (board certification required by NSO for on call coverage) Urology Physician Services on site in accordance with the specifications contained herein to beneficiaries of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the WJB Dorn VAMC in Columbia, South Carolina. WJB Dorn VAMC. Dorn VAMC receives approximately 6742 consults annually.

Place of Performance - Contractor shall furnish services at the VA in Columbia, South Carolina, 6439 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209.

Authority: Title 38 USC 8153, Health Care Resources (HCR) sharing Authority
The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code applicable to this acquisition is 621111 Offices of Physicians (except Mental Health Specialists) Small Business Size Standard, $11.0M. The product Service Code is Q525 - Medical Service/Urology.
Period of performance is 8/13/2019 - 8/12/2020 with one 12-month option period from the date of the Contracting Officer signature.
The proposed CLINS will be 0001 - On-Site Urology Services - 2,080 hours per year and; 0002 On Call and Call Back hours 300 hours per year.
This is not a new service. The current contract number is 36C24718C0040 contractor is LOCUMTENENS.COM, LLC, 2655 NORTHWINDS PKWY, ALPHARETTA, GA 561320.

License The Contractor s physician (s) assigned by the Contractor to perform the services covered by this contract shall have a current license to practice medicine in any State, Territory, or Commonwealth of the United States or the District of Columbia) when services are performed onsite on VA property.
All licenses held by the personnel working on this contract shall be full and unrestricted licenses. Contractor s physician (s) who have current, full and unrestricted licenses in one or more states, but who have, or ever had, a license restricted, suspended, revoked, voluntarily revoked, voluntarily surrendered pending action or denied upon application will not be considered for the purposes of this contract.
Board Certification - All contractor s physician(s) shall be Board Certified /Board Eligible (NSO requires surgeons to be board certified in order to provide on call coverage) by the American Board of Urology (ABU), and be currently certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) or equivalency. All continuing education courses required for maintaining certification must be kept up to date at all times. Documentation verifying current certification shall be provided by the Contractor to the VA COR on an annual basis for each year of contract performance.
Credentialing and Privileging Credentialing and privileging is to be done in accordance with the provisions of VHA Handbook 1100.19 referenced above. The Contractor is responsible to ensure that proposed physician(s) possesses the requisite credentials enabling the granting of privileges. No services shall be provided by any contractor s physician(s) prior to obtaining approval by the WJB Dorn VAMC Professional Standards Board, Medical Executive Board and Medical Center Director.
If a contractor s physician(s) is not credentialed and privileged or has credentials/privileges suspended or revoked, the Contractor shall furnish an acceptable substitute without any additional cost to the government.
Technical Proficiency - Contractor s physician(s) shall be technically proficient in the skills necessary to fulfill the government s requirements, including the ability to speak, understand, read and write English fluently. Contractor shall provide documents upon request of the CO/COR to verify current and ongoing competency, skills, certification and/or licensure related to the provision of care, treatment and/or services performed. Contractor shall provide verifiable evidence of all educational and training experiences including any gaps in educational history for all contractor s physician(s) and contractor s physician(s) shall be responsible for abiding by the Facility's Medical Staff By-Laws, rules, and regulations (referenced herein) that govern medical staff behavior.
Continuing Medical Education (CME)/ Certified Education Unit (CEU) Requirements: Contractor shall provide the COR copies of current CMEs as required or requested by the VAMC. Contractor s physician(s) registered or certified by national/medical associations shall continue to meet the minimum standards for CME to remain current. Contractor shall report CME hours to the credentials office for tracking. These documents are required for both privileging and re-privileging. Failure to provide shall result in loss of privileges for contractor s physician(s) .
Training (ACLS, BLS, CPRS and VA MANDATORY): Contractor shall meet all VA educational requirements and mandatory course requirements defined herein; all training must be completed by the contractor s physician(s) as required by the VA.
National Rules of Behavior to Access VA Information & Systems
Online, prior to employment, them annually
1 hour
Active Threat Training

Online, prior to employment, them annually
1 hour
Government Ethics

Online, prior to employment, them annually
1 hour
Prevention of Workplace Harassment/No Fear Act
Online, prior to employment, them annually
1 hour
VA Core Values Training (ICARE Recommitment)
Online, prior to employment, them annually
1 hour
VA Privacy and Information Security Awareness and Rules of Behavior
Online, prior to employment, them annually
1 hour
Privacy and HIPAA Training

Online, prior to employment, them annually
1 hour

Complete before employment and upon expiration thereafter

Prevention/Management of Disruptive Behavior/Violence Prevention
Online, prior to employment, them annually
1 hour
Suicide Prevention: Suicide Risk Management Training for Clinicians

Online, prior to employment, them annually
1 hour

On the job training on first day of employment

This requirement will be issued as a Firm Fixed Priced Type contract unrestricted competition.
The solicitation will be issued on or about July 3, 2019. The estimated closing date is July 26, 2019. The solicitation will not be mailed out. All interested sources must go to the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website at: and obtain an electronic copy of the solicitation. Offerors are responsible to ensure their proposal package is received by the exact time and date at the specified location for receipt of proposals. In addition, offerors are responsible for continuing to monitor the websites for any/all future Amendments issued, if any. Offerors shall sign copies of any amendment issued and submit with their package. Offerors need to be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database at prior to submission of proposal.
All questions shall be in writing to the Contracting Officer.
Contracting Office Address:
Network Contracting Office (NCO), 10N7; Department of Veterans Affairs; 2008 Weems Road, Bldg A; Tucker, GA 30084-5207
Place of Performance:
Columbia Veterans Health Care System; 6439 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209
Point of Contact(s):
Tanjia Harris, Contracting Officer, 404-321-6111 x205514
Questions shall be sent via email.

Tanjia Harris
Contracting Officer
404-321-6111 ext 205514

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