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UPS Maintenance and Support Services

West Virginia, United States
Government : Federal
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Bureau of the Fiscal Service (FSA)
UPS Maintenance and Support Services

Under the authority of FAR 10, the Department of the Treasury, Fiscal Service, Division of Procurement, is conducting market research on qualified vendors that can provide the Maintenance and Support Services described below.

Information being sought under this endeavor is solely for market research and acquisition planning purposes. No pricing information is being requested.

The objective of this RFI is to outline a potential future requirement for Preventive Maintenance for UPS Systems and Batteries for the following locations:
• Parkersburg, WV
• Hyattsville, MD
• Washington, DC

Fiscal Service utilizes a number of systems in order to maintain access control. To support the equipment currently in use from electrical surges and failures, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system was installed at Fiscal Service facilities. In order to ensure that the UPS is operational and in full working condition, Fiscal Service desires to maintain on-going support and maintenance services for the UPS unit and batteries. The Contractor shall provide certified service personnel at the customer's location on a pre-determined scheduled date. The following table lists the details of the service tasks provided with this visit.

These services include at a minimum the items listed in the chart below as well as specifics listed for each location. All Services shall be performed by a Contractor Certified to work on UPS systems. All on site services shall be performed by certified contractor service personnel.

Activities Descriptions
Perform Visual Inspection Contractor shall inspect the UPS and/or PDU (Power Distribution Unit) solution to ensure that all system components are clean and functioning within designed specifications.
Perform Environmental
Inspection Contractor shall verify and document that the system's environment is within specified operating conditions including but not limited to room temperature, airflow, dust contamination, etc.
Perform Mechanical/Electrical
Inspection Contractor shall inspect all power and control wire termination points as well as all UPS and/or PDU components.
Perform Functional Verification Contractor shall check UPS and/or PDU event and alarm logs. Contractor shall verify that input, output and bypass voltage and current values are within designed specifications.*
Contractor shall verify transfer to on battery operation and transfer to and from static bypass.*
Contractor shall check parallel operation performance.*
Implement Updates Contractor shall verify and implement all required Field
Advisories and Field Modifications.
Contractor shall check all circuit board revisions and update as required.
Deliver Documentation Contractor shall deliver a graphical site report documenting UPS and/or PDU status and on-site activities. Certified Contractor shall recommend any additional service activities as required resulting from the Preventive Maintenance activities listed above.

* When applicable for the system configuration

Site Specifics:

UPS Systems located in Parkersburg, WV

• Full Service Maintenance twice a year
• Maintenance shall be conducted no later than 4PM ET
• 4 hour response time (24x7)
• 10% replacement coverage on batteries per year
• Inclusive of Travel

UPS System located in Washington, DC

Primary Tasks:

• Annual Full Maintenance Agreement
• 2PM inspections a year - 1 Major and 1 Minor on UPS and Batteries
• 4 Hour Emergency Response Time (24x7)
• Reduced Billing rates for services not covered
• All Parts, labor and expenses
• 10% replacement coverage on batteries per year
• Inclusive of Travel

UPS System located in Hyattsville, MD

Primary Tasks:

• Full Service Maintenance twice a year
• Maintenance shall be conducted no earlier than 6:00 pm
• Emergency "on-Call" Service
• 4 hour response time (24x7)
• All parts, labor and expenses
• 10% replacement coverage on batteries per year
• Inclusive of Travel

**All sites shall include internal component replacement as needed.


The contractor shall perform the work at the following Government facility:

Parkersburg, WV - (3) Locations
Bureau of The Fiscal Service
320 Avery Street; 200 3rd Street; and 257 Bosley Industrial Drive
Parkersburg, WV 26101

Hyattsville, MD
Bureau of The Fiscal Service
6505 Belcrest Road
Hyattsville, MD 20782

Washington, DC
Bureau of The Fiscal Service
401 14th St, SW
Washington, DC 20227

The overall anticipated period of performance shall be sixty months, consisting of a twelve-month base year and four twelve-month option years.

The following information is requested:
1. Are you capable of providing the services described above?
2. Please provide a brief summary of your understanding of this requirement and how you would approach it.
3. Capability Statements are also welcome.

In addition to the technical information outlined above, respondents shall also provide the following:

1) The name and location of your company, contact information, and identify the company as one or more of the followings: a) small business; b) 8(a) business; c) HUBZone small business; d) small disadvantaged business; e) woman-owned small business; f) veteran-owned small business; g) service-disabled veteran-owned small business, or h) large business.
2) Provide examples of engagements that have the same or similar requirements to those stated above. In addition to the examples, please provide a customer technical contact and current contact information who could answer questions regarding the engagement.
3) Whether your company has a current vehicle (e.g., GSA schedule, GWAC) that may be used to obtain the services you describe in responses to item number 2 above.
4) The DUNs number shall be provided.

The Offeror assumes full responsibility for ensuring all electronic materials and attachments submitted are formatted in accordance with the Bureau of the Fiscal Service Security Requirements. The following file extensions are not allowable and application materials/data submitted with these extensions cannot be considered:

.bat, .cmd, .com, .exe, .pif, .rar, .scr, .vbs, .hta, .cpl, html, mhtml, and .zip files

The Government does not allow 3rd party messaging systems/secure mail, other than when authorized by the Government. In those cases, the Government's 3rd party message system will be used when requested.

Microsoft Office non-macro enabled compatible documents and .PDF documents are acceptable. If the Offeror determines that other formats are necessary, it is the Offeror's responsibility to verify with Fiscal Service that those formats are acceptable. Proposal materials with unacceptable or unreadable formats may be found non-responsive.

In addition to the items specified in the solicitation provision above, the following information is necessary to enable proper evaluation.

Responses to this RFI shall be sent to no later than 11:00 AM EST 09/25/2019 and shall include "RFI-FSA-20-014: "JS/MC" in the subject line.

These activities do not imply an obligation on the part of the Government to purchase products and/or services, nor to proceed to any request for proposal/quote (solicitation) for such products and/or services. Further, the activities do not obligate the Government to ultimately employ any particular acquisition strategy. The Government will not be liable for any costs incurred by participants in submitting information and/or attending any subsequent in-person sessions. Submissions of information and/or participation in the sessions confer no rights upon vendors/participants.

NO SOLICITATION IS AVAILABLE. A request for more information, or a copy of the solicitation, will not be considered an affirmative response to this Notice. Telephone responses to, or inquiries about, this Notice will NOT be accepted.

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