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Tug to Replace Performance

New York, United States
Government : Federal
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The Saint ******** Seaway *********** (SLSDC) plans to solicit proposals to ********* a tugboat to provide ice clearing/ice-management on the St. ******** Seaway, handle aids to navigation ******** and assist in the SLSDC's two (buoy and gate lifter) barges.

The tug shall be 60 feet long with a 28 foot beam and a design navigational draft of approximately 10 feet. The tug shall have a tonnage certificate indicating the tug admeasures less than 100 domestic gross tons. The tug shall be powered by twin fixed pitch Z-drive propulsion units, each driven by a high-speed diesel engine. The tug shall be equipped with a foldable, telescopic deck crane for ease of handling aids to navigation on the aft working deck. The tug is for operation with an unmanned machinery space with a minimum crew; however comfortable accommodations shall be included for a crew of up to 4 people. T...

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