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Training Transformation (T2) Support

Virginia, United States
Government : Military
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The Government requires professional, administrative and management support services to assist the AC/S G-3 TECOM in his mission as the Marine Corps lead for the Marine Corps JNTC that falls under the greater DoD T2 Program by providing on-site Functional, Research, and Programmatic Support Services. The Government requires personnel who fully understand the T2 Program and its three pillars of JNTC, Joint Knowledge Development and Distribution Capability (JKDDC), and the Joint Assessment Enabling Capability (JAEC)

There are two primary objectives for this requirement:

1) Provide support to AC/S G-3, TECOM via the Head, Joint Training Integration Branch in the design and implementation of T2 initiatives, specifically the JNTC; and

2) Provide liaison for all JNTC coordination between the Marine Corps TECOM and Joint and Coalition Warfare (JCW) Joint Staff (JS) J-7.

Christa Eggleston-Scott, Contracting Officer, Phone 7037843595, Email - Marcus Whaley, Contracts Specialist, Phone 7037841900, Email

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