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Test Stand

New Jersey, United States
Government : Military
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This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for a commercial item prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6 as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation. Proposals are being requested; a written solicitation will not be issued.
Solicitation No. W15QKN-19-R-06MX is issued as a request for proposal (RFP) and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through the Federal Acquisition Circular 2005-101. This requirement has been set-aside for woman owned small businesses under NAICS code 333923 with a small business size standard of 500 employees.

The U.S. Army Contracting Command (ACC-NJ), NJ intends to award one (1) firm-fixed-price (FFP) contract, 100% set aside for Women Owned Small Business, for the supply of the test stand safety platform, in accordance with the attached requirements in the Statement of Work (SOW) (Attachment 1), Contract Data List Requirements (Attachment 2), pricing schedule (Attachment 3) and drawing (Attachment 4).
The following Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS) provisions/clauses are applicable and are incorporated by reference: FAR: 52.204-7, 52.204-13, 52.204-18, 52.212-1 & 52.212-2 (addenda below), 52.212-3, 52.212-4, 52.212-5; 52.217-5, 52.217-7, 52.233-3, 52.233-4, 52.246-2 and 52.247-34. FAR 52.212-5 applies along with the following additional clauses under FAR 52.212-5: 52.219-1, 52.219-6, 52.219-28, 52.222-3, 52.222-4, 52.222-19, 52.222-21, 52.222-22, 52.222-23, 52.222-24, 52.222-25, 52.222-26, 52.222-27, 52.222-40, 52.222-50, 52.223-18,; 52.232-33, 52.233-1, 52.233-3 and DFARS: 252.203-7002, 252.204-7002, 252.216-7000, 252.216-7007, 252.232-7006 and 252.232-7010, 252.203-7000, 252.203-7005; 252.225-7036, 252.232-7003.

The following local information also applies:
1. Responses must set forth full, accurate and complete information as required by this solicitation (including attachments). Examine the entire solicitation carefully. The penalty for making false statements is prescribed in 18 U.S.C. 1001.

2. Responses must be plainly marked with the Solicitation Number and the date and local time set forth for bid opening or receipt of proposals in the solicitation document.

3. Information regarding the timeliness of response is addressed in the provision of the solicitation entitled either "Late Submission, Modification and Withdrawal of Bid" or "Instructions to Offerors - Competitive Acquisitions".

4. Procurement Information:
This procurement is 100% set-aside for Woman Owned Small Business.
The applicable SIC/NAICS code is: 333923.

5. Issuing Office:
U.S. Army Contracting Command - New Jersey
ATTN: Rachael Houle
Contracting Officer
Office Symbol: ACC-NJ-ET
Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806-5000

6. Point of Contact for Information:
U.S. Army Contracting Command - New Jersey
ATTN: Giuseppe Tropiano
Contract Specialist
Office Symbol: ACC-NJ-ET
Watervliet Arsenal, NY 12159


This constitutes notification pursuant to Executive Order 12600, Pre-Disclosure Notification Procedures for Confidential Commercial Information (June 23, 1987), of our intention to release unit prices in response to any request under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 USC 552. Unit price is defined as the contract price per unit or item purchased. We consider any objection to be waived unless the contracting officer is notified of your objection to such posting prior to submission of initial proposals.

Packaging and Marking
Commercial packaging requirement shall apply to this procurement.
2D Bar Codes are not required.

The Security Classification of the material to be shipped is Unclassified.
The item being shipped is not hazardous and not Arms, Ammunition or Explosives.
Government Furnished Property are staying in place and do not require packing and marking.

Items will be shipped to:
Benet Laboratories
Attn: Dave Alfano
1 Buffington Street, Bldg. 115
Watervliet, NY 12189-4000

Government Procurement Quality Assurance (PQA) actions will be accomplished by the Government Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) at: Destination

Acceptance of supplies will be at: Destination

If you have complaints about this procurement, it is preferable that you first attempt to resolve those concerns with the responsible contracting officer. However, you can also protest to Headquarters, AMC. The HQ, AMC-Level Protest Program is intended to encourage interested parties to seek resolution of their concerns within AMC as an Alternative Dispute Resolution forum, rather than filing a protest with the General Accounting Office or other external forum. Contract award or performance is suspended during the protest to the same extent, and within the same time periods, as if filed at the GAO. The AMC protest decision goal is to resolve protests within 20 working days from filing. To be timely, protests must be filed within the periods specified in FAR 33.103.

Send protests (other than protests to the contracting officer) to:
Headquarters U.S. Army Materiel Command
Office of Command Counsel-Deputy Command Counsel 4400 Martin Road
Rm: A6SE040.001
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5000
Fax: (256) 450-8840

The AMC-level protest procedures are found at:
Web Address:
If Internet access is not available contact the contracting officer or HQ, AMC to obtain the AMC-Level Protest Procedures.
This contract incorporates one or more clauses by reference, with the same force and effect as if they were given in full text. Upon request, the Contracting Officer will make their full text available. Also, the full text of a clause may be accessed electronically at this/these address(es): FAR -

52.212-1 Addenda - Proposal SUBMISSION.
This section contains proposal submission instructions as well as specific proposal requirements for the solicitation.
The offeror's proposal shall be labeled in a consistent manner with this document. All references to the Statement of Work (SOW) shall be clearly labeled with the appropriate SOW paragraph. Offerors are expected to submit a proposal in sufficient detail to allow the Government evaluation without the need for further clarifications. The Government does not assume the duty to search for data to cure problems it finds in proposals. The burden of proving acceptability remains with the offerors.
General: The proposal shall be presented in sufficient detail to allow Government evaluation of the response to the requirements of the request for proposal (RFP). The Government will not assume offerors possess any capability, understanding, or commitment not specified in the proposal.
All inquiries/questions concerning this procurement, either technical or contractual, must be submitted via email to the Contracting Office, phone call inquiries will NOT be accepted. No direct discussion between the technical representative and a prospective offeror will be conducted.

U.S. Army Contracting Command - New Jersey
ATTN: Giuseppe Tropiano
Contract Specialist
Office Symbol: ACC-NJ-ET
Watervliet Arsenal, NY 12159

52.212-2 Addenda:

1.0 Basis for Award
The Government intends to award a single firm fixed priced contract as a result of this Request for Proposal (RFP). Award will be made to the lowest priced technically acceptable offeror whose quote meets the minimum acceptability criteria of the solicitation. The Award will be made to the offeror who is deemed responsible by the Contracting Officer, in accordance with the General Standards for contractor responsibility at FAR 9.104-1, and whose proposal conforms to all of the solicitation's requirements (including stated terms, conditions, representations, certifications, and all other information) and is assessed, based on the evaluation factors below, to represent the lowest price technically acceptable.
Minimum Acceptability: If an offeror takes exception to any of the terms and conditions of the solicitation, the offer may not be considered for contract award. All offerors are urged to ensure that their initial proposals are submitted with the most favorable terms.

2.0 Evaluation Approach
All proposals will be evaluated in a fair and consistent manner. All proposals will be subject to evaluation by a team of Government personnel. The offeror whose proposal is determined to provide the lowest priced proposal that meets the acceptability standards for non-cost factors will be awarded the contract/call order.

The Government may reject any proposal that is evaluated to be unrealistic in terms of program commitments, including contract terms and conditions, or unrealistically high or low priced when compared to Government estimates, such that the proposal is deemed to reflect an inherent lack of competence or failure to comprehend the complexity and risks of the anticipated effort.

The Government reserves the right to award based on initial proposals. The Government intends to evaluate proposals and award the contract without discussions with the offerors (except clarifications as described in FAR 15.306). However, the Government reserves the right to conduct discussions and request proposal revisions if it is determined to be in the best interest of the Government.

3.0 Evaluation Factors:

3.1 The Government will evaluate each proposal and assess the results of the following factors:
Factor 1: Technical
Factor 2: Price

3.2 Factor 1 - Technical

3.2.1 Offerors shall provide a proposal that demonstrates the ability to meet all the minimum requirements of the Statement of Work (SOW) for Test Stand Safety Platform to include required quantities, delivery schedule, and packaging requirements in accordance with military standards.

3.2.2 The Technical portion of the proposal will be rated as ACCEPTABLE or UNACCEPTABLE based on an assessment of the stated minimum requirements of the solicitation to include the SOW. These items are deemed critical to meet the Government's requirement. If any one of the requirements is rated as UNACCEPTABLE, it will result in an overall technical rating of UNACCEPTABLE and the proposal may be considered for contract award.

ACCEPTABLE Proposal clearly meets the minimum requirements of the solicitation.
UNACCEPTABLE Proposal does not clearly meet the minimum requirements of the solicitation.

3.3 Factor 2 - Price
3.3.1 The offeror shall propose prices in accordance with the Section B attachment of the solicitation, to include, separate prices for the base quantities and each subsequent option quantity for a total evaluated price.

3.3.2 Price will NOT be scored with any rating. The Government will evaluate the total quoted price (inclusive of the base period and all option years) for reasonableness in accordance with FAR 13.106-3. The proposed prices for each CLIN, will be added together to achieve one total evaluated price.

3.3.3 Price/Cost Inconsistencies: A proposal is presumed to represent an offeror's best effort to respond to the solicitation. Each initial proposal should contain the offeror's best terms for award for this contract. Any inconsistencies in performance or price should be explained in the proposal. Any significant inconsistencies, if unexplained, raise a fundamental issue of the offeror's understanding of the nature and scope of work required and its financial ability to perform the contract, and may be grounds for rejection of the proposal.

Giuseppe Tropiano, Contract Specialist, Email

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