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Technology Improvements to Multiple Conference Rooms

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California, United States
Download the rfp file: CSBA Conference Room RFP 12-10-18.pdf.

CSBA is soliciting proposals from qualified firms to assess the organization's current meeting room low and high technology solutions, recommend improvements, install new equipment and provide training to key staff. Items to be considered include: computers and display, video teleconferencing equipment, speakers and microphones, static and smart boards, wireless integrations, electronic scheduling, etc. This update willallowCSBA staff to operate more efficiently, provide better collaboration tools, allow staff to deliver improved products and services to our members, and save set-up and tear-down resources.

The CSBA meeting rooms are heavily used for meetings with both internal and external groups. The technology in these rooms often does not function properly or even at all. CSBA is looking to replace the technology components for 5 association conference rooms.

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