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TF33 2nd-4th Stage Turbine Nozzle Vanes Multiple NSNs

Oklahoma, United States
Government : Military
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Sources Sought Synopsis for TF33 Engine, 2nd-4th Stage Turbine Nozzle Vanes, 21 NSNs (listed below).

This Sources Sought Synopsis (SSS) is in support of Market Research being conducted by the United States Air Force to identify potential remanufacture/repair sources for:

This is not a Request for Proposal (RFP)/solicitation or a promise to issue an RFP in the future.  Responders are advised the Government will not pay for any information or administrative cost incurred in response to this SSS.  THERE IS NO SOLICITATION AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.  REQUEST FOR A SOLICITATION WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE. 

The 421st SCMS Propulsion squadron located at Tinker Air Force Base is requesting information, pursuant to FAR PART 10, in support of Market Research to identify potential sources for the remanufacture/repair of the NSN(s) listed below.  The qualification requirements have been synopsized by NSN on FedBizOpps. 

The proposed North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS) Code is 336412, which has a corresponding Size Standard of 1,000 employees.  The Government is interested in all businesses to include, Large Business, Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Businesses, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, HUBZone Businesses, and Women-Owned Small Businesses. The Government requests that interested parties respond to this notice if applicable and identify your small business status to the identified NAICS code. 

The contractor shall furnish all required labor, material, facilities and equipment to accomplish remanufacture/repair, test, preservation and packaging, and return to the Government in a completely serviceable condition, the items of the Air Force listed below. 

The NSNs for Remanufacture/Repair of TF33 2nd-4th Stage Turbine Nozzle Vanes are listed below:

2nd Stg CL9


4th Stg CL5


3rd Stg CL3



3rd Stg CL1


2nd Stage CL10



2nd Stg Cl11


2nd Stg CL12


2nd Stg CL14


3rd Stg CL2



3rd Stg CL4



2nd Stg CL13



2nd Stg CL11


2nd Stg CL10




3rd Stg CL5





4th Stg CL7


4th Stg CL6


2nd Stg CL13



2nd Stg CL12


4th Stg CL8





2nd Stg CL9


2nd Stg CL10  

2840-00-803-6721RV, 446952CL9/ 422552CL9/ 565752CL9/ 781252CL9/ 798452CL9

2840-00-962-1256RV, 565854CL5/ 495254CL/ 799554CL5/ 565754CL5/ 446954CL5/ 387254CL5/ 798454CL5

2840-00-962-1260RV, 495253CL3/ 565753CL3/ 781253CL3/ 799353CL3/ 565853CL3 /446953CL3/ 413853CL3

2840-00-962-1255RV, 781253CL1/ 495253CL1/ 565753CL1/ 799353CL1/ 565853CL1/ 446953CL1/ 413853CL1

2840-00-673-2210RV, 446952CL10/ 422552CL10/ 565752CL10/ 781252CL10/ 798452CL10

2840-00-757-0307RV, 446952CL11/ 422552CL11/ 565752CL11/ 781252CL11/ 798452CL11

2840-00-757-0303RV, 446952CL12/ 422552CL12/ 565752CL12/ 781252CL12/ 798452CL12

2840-00-757-0305RV, 446952CL14/ 422552CL14/ 565752CL14/ 781252CL14/ 798452CL14

2840-00-962-1259RV, 495253CL2/ 565753CL2/ 781253CL2/ 565853CL2/ 446953CL2/ 413853CL2

2840-00-962-1261RV, 495253CL4/ 565753CL4/ 781253CL4/ 799353CL4/ 565853CL4/ 446953CL4/ 413853CL4

2840-00-757-0304RV, 446952CL13/ 422552CL13/ 565752CL13/ 781252CL13/ 798452CL13/ 403352CL13

2840-00-966-3028RV, 565852CL11/ 489152CL11

2840-00-966-3027RV, 489152CL10/ 565852CL10

2840-00-962-1262RV, 781253CL5/ 495253CL5/ 565753CL5/ 799353CL5/ 565853CL5/ 413853CL5/ 781253CL5/ 446953CL5/

565753CL6/ 781253CL6/ 799353CL6/ 495253CL7/ 565753CL7/ 781253CL7

2840-00-962-1264RV, 565854CL7/ 495254CL7/ 799554CL7/ 565754CL7/ 446954CL7/ 387254CL7/ 798454CL7

2840-00-962-1263RV, 565854CL6/ 495254CL6/ 799554CL6/ 565754CL6/ 446954CL6/ 387254CL6/ 798454CL6

2840-00-966-3030RV, 489152CL13/ 565852CL13

2840-00-966-3029RV, 489152CL12  / 565852CL12

 2840-00-962-1265RV, 565854CL8/ 495254CL8/ 799554CL8/ 565854CL9/ 495254CL9/ 799554CL9/ 565754CL9/ 446954CL9/ 


2840-00-966-8081RV, 489152CL9; 565852CL9

2840-00-673-2162RV, 446952CL15; 422552CL15; 565752CL15; 781252CL15; 798452CL15





Please email your response advising if you are an interested source to the Acquisition Program Manager at the following address: ; Oral submissions of information are not acceptable.     

Submit the following information also:

•-          Company Name and Address

•-          Cage Code

•-          Company business size by NAIC code

•-          Small Business Type (s), if applicable

•-          Point of Contact  for questions and/or clarification

•-          Telephone Number and email address

Responses shall be submitted by 25 September 2019.

Lourdes Santiago, Acquisition Program Manager, Phone 4057348054, Email

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