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Special Outfitted Pickup Trucks for Hurricane Recovery

Georgia, United States
Government : Federal
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The USDA Forest Service Southern Region Apalachicola National Forest, Apalachicola and Wakulla Ranger Districts (Florida) is seeking contract solutions to provide special outfitted vehicles to use during Hurricane Michael Recovery efforts. The government is seeking a best value solution from solution to address the concern. The solutions will be evaluated and considered for a future RFP to address the concerns. The vendor may recommend a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes to be associated with their solution. This sources sought is for market research purposes and will not result in an award directly.

A completed proposal package shall include the following for consideration:
- Completed Administrative Information Sheet
- Proposed Pricing Schedule
- Equipment Inventory (photos,specifications, make, model)

The contractor shall furnish information necessary to: provide non-agency fleet vehicles for transportation to temporary employees, short and long term recovery response to Hurricane Michael in 2018.
The request is for 150/1500 4x4 truck 6' bed extended cab minimum, and 250/2500 4x4 truck 6' bed extended cab minimum. Vehicle needs 10 ply off road all terrain mud tires, single lid tool box and winch recovery system installed to handle weight of vehicle it mounted on.
Estimated rental/lease periods;
16 days
23 days
32 days
62 days
92 days
122 days
367 days

Estimated period of terms could develop for 1-5 year period.

Please provide your recommendations, solutions and ability to provide the requested equipment. Email all questions please

CHRISTOPHER J. FORD, CONTRACT OFFICER , Phone 4043471635, Email - STEVEN PARRISH , PROJECT MANAGER , Phone 850-926-3561 x6523 , Email

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