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Sourcces Sought RFI for Housing Pipeline Construction Partners

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Maryland, United States
Non-Profit : Charitable

The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF), is a public foundation that designs and operates a portfolio of charitable & 501c3 programs for start-ups and young tax exempts.

The Foundation has three focus areas: workforce training, organizational development for young & future 501(c) 3's, and supporting other charities.

Due to the complexities of our operations, we are infrastructure building for the work we intend which requires a multitude of new stand-alone structures. We plan a centralized operation, both virtual and brick-n-mortar, that is open-access and multilingual for individuals, new/small business entities, groups and employers who want to engage in career development and workforce/career training. Our programs target the unemployed and under-employed. This Sources Sought RFI will help identify Construction and Landscaping Partners that will support our effort to launch our home building and training development initiatives.

Please feel free to visit our website at to learn more about The Foundation, and to visit the interim site, to learn about the Housing Development Fundraiser that will launch the building spree for which Awardees of this RFI will take on.

We look forward to hearing from your organization and exploring how you can help us create new living and job training spaces for those facing challenges in doing that on their own, staring with our Military Families.

The Learners Lab Foundation has designed is a very different kind of charitable foundation. Due to the nature of programs and operations we are unique in both our perspective and our delivery of services and supports. Being such we require and are developing an equally unique infrastructure to facilitate delivery of the program, services and development of the products we intend to deploy, something that will be ongoing as we grow and mature.

Our Charitable program focuses on the full life cycle of workforce training & professional development and that happens across both industry and org chart level. To pull off what we intend, we are also using ourselves thru our internal operations to demonstration how we believe this should work.

So we offer internships, apprenticeships, fellowships, executive coaching in most and eventually all our programs and are looking to provide a marriage of academic with professional development in the training resources and practices we offer.

Coupled with unique and all-inclusive benefits, this requires virtual and brick-n-mortar delivery and to make it make sense that means building construction.

As a charitable Foundation we rely heavily on partnerships. We are amassing a growing pipeline of building projects that make the traditional solicitation-proposal-award process both unreasonable and unmanageable to attempt. As such, The Foundation will not issue RFPs, RFQs, or RFI's to meet any of its needs but instead establish go-to pools of professionals and peers. For our building construction needs, we will select and establish our primary pool from the firms responding to this Sources Sought RFI.

So this Sources Sought RFI is also a search for Construction and Landscaping Professional open to partnering with The Foundation in designing and deploying its Trades Training Programs, while meeting its perpetually growing pipeline of building and construction projects both within and outside the State of Maryland.

The Foundation is establishing its own construction crew which will consist of Interns and Apprentices. We are also looking to establish exclusive relationship with existing construction firms for the purpose of eliminating the solicitation process and helping us formulate an ongoing construction management and project management curricula.

We require at least 3 construction disciplines:
(a) 2 firms experienced in residential housing construction,
(b) 2 firms experienced in Internal & External Building Construction, as well as
(c) 2 firms experienced in Landscape Construction.
One firm in each discipline may serve as Project Portfolio Management Team for their respective category.
The selection results of this RFI will establish the dedicated partnership pool who will then have exclusive rights to the portfolio of building projects we are pursuing.

The Foundation will require construction partnerships in both MD the South Carolina/George region for construction housing projects between Aiken, SC & Conyers, GA. That region is our first targeted area in the South and serves Fort Gordon. Overlap in building sites outside of Maryland is welcome assuming

We are launching this effort with our Battle-Buddy Grill-Off Fundraiser to fund and kick-start our housing development effort. This is part of our memberships benefit and we are beginning with homeless Veterans and Active Duty Personnel and Reservist facing persistent housing challenges. For more information on this initiative, a promo is included as Appendix B. You can also visit the interim website The site was recently launched and is being populated with information as we pull things together.

We look forward to hearing from your organization and exploring how you can help us create new living and job training spaces for those facing challenges in doing that on their own, staring with our Military Families.

Thank you again for your time and for your consideration of The Foundation's request. We are confident you find value in our efforts, excitement about this unique venture, and we look forward to partnering with you in doing the unthinkable for our customers & stakeholders.

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