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Selfridge Bldg 303-304 Exterior Door Refinish

Michigan, United States
Government : Military
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Project Number, Title: VGLZ182035 B303 and 304 Exterior Doors Refinish

The General Specifications and Selfridge Design Standards apply to this Statement of Work (SOW). The work shall be in strict compliance with those specifications and the requirements identified in this SOW and its attachments. Sections of this SOW may supersede the requirements of the specifications, in which case the more stringent/higher quality requirements shall apply. The number of pages in this SOW, including attachments, is 5

1. This DO provides for repair to B/303 and B/304 Exterior wooden doors, but is not limited to:

A. Contractor shall provide slab doors and lockset within opening of doors to be removed as required, to ensure building security.

B. Contractor shall remove, sand and prepare exterior wooden doors and associated exterior trim on the first and second floor of B/ 303 and B/304, at the locations depicted on attached drawing.

C. Contractor shall stain doors and exterior trim, as required, to match adjacent trim and interior doors. A sample of the stain shall be provided in advance of staining the doors for approval.

D. Contractor shall apply 2 coats of oil-based exterior polyurethane/ varnish sealer to newly stained doors and associated trim, to protect them from the elements.

E. Contractor shall outfit doors with new weather proof seals/gaskets and door sweeps, prior to re-installation.

F. Following installation, Contractor shall ensure doors are hung in a manner that is fully operational.

2. Additional specifications for materials or requirements not included in the specifications:

3. The following attachments are included in this SOW:

1. Building 303 1st floor Plan

2. Building 303 2nd floor Plan

3. Building 304 1st floor Plan

4. Building 304 2nd floor Plan

A pre-proposal site visit for this project will be held on 27 August 2019 at 1000 ET in Bldg. 105 at Selfridge ANGB. Attendance is highly recommended. Please see attached documents for base access requirements

Daniel T. Taliaferro, Contracting Officer, Phone 5862395539, Email - Brenda Y. Scanlon, Contracting Specialist, Phone 5862395036, Email

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