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Security Guards

Idaho, United States
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Statement of Work
CBOC Unarmed/Uniformed Security Guard Services
for the
Alaska VA Healthcare System (AVAHS)
Anchorage, Alaska

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This is a Sources Sought announcement only for market research and for interested firms to submit a quote for the Veterans Health Administration Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) located in Kenai Borough, Alaska and the VA Mat-Su CBOC 865 N SEWARD PARKWAY, SUITE 105 WASILLA AK 99654. A copy of the Statement of Work is attached to this notice.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION of the services to be performed: The purpose of this requirement is to provide professional and courteous, uniformed and unarmed security guard services, including coordination for higher level of emergency services. This is for TWO Security Guards. One person is needed at each location; (Kenai and Matsu).

This is a Non-Personal Service.

The designated NAICS Code is 561612-Security Guard Services, Size Standard, $20.5M.

A Statement of Work (SOW) shall be included in the sources sought notice. The sources sought notice number is VA260-17-N-0129.

Your response shall include the following information:
Size of company (i.e., 8(a), HUBZONE, WOSB, EDWOSB, Veteran Owned, Small Disadvantaged Business, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, etc.),
Revenue for last three years.
Relevant past performance on same/similar work dating back to the last five years and your company s capability to do this type of work.
Teaming Arrangements to include relevant past performance on same/similar work dating back to the last three years.
Documentation of technical expertise and capability must be presented in sufficient detail for the Government to determine that your company possesses the necessary functional area expertise and experience to compete for this acquisition.B It is imperative that business concerns responding to this sources sought, articulate their capabilities clearly and adequately.

This shall be a single award contract, and all offerors shall submit bids for all services to be considered responsive.

The Alaska Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) offers assistance to people in getting set up to compete for government solicitations. They can be reached at 1901 Bragaw St., Suite 199, Anchorage, AK 99508, Telephone: (907)-786-7258, or on the web at:

It is estimated that the contract shall have a Base Year, with 4 possible Option Years to exercise. The solicitation shall result in the award of a single contract. The resulting contract shall be a firm fixed-price contract.

IF A SOLICITATION IS ISSUED, IT WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT A LATER DATE, and all interested parties must respond to that solicitation announcement separately from the responses to this announcement. No reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information in response to this announcement. B

After market research is completed, the government will decide the type of small business program consideration under which this solicitation will be issued, if any. This action is being considered for 100% set-aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Businesses (VOSB) and/or Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) firms. 8(a) firms, Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Businesses (EDWOSB), and Women Owned Small Businesses (WOSB). If interest is not received by the response due date from enough service disabled, veteran owned, or other small businesses, this solicitation can be issued unrestricted, and no further communications regarding the decision will take place.

Interested firms should notify this office, in writing or by email, preferably via e-mail, to Diana Curl at of their intention to submit a proposal as early as possible but not later than January 17, 2017. All firms shall list their name, address, phone number, point of contact, and type of business. If mailed, send toB Department of Veterans Affairs, Network Contracting Office 20, ATTN: Diana Curl, 960 Broadway, Suite 460, Boise, ID 83706. Any questions can be directed to Diana Curl, Contract Specialist, at (208)-429-2031.

The services specified herein may be changed by written modification only prepared by the Contracting Officer.
There is no employer-employee relationship between the VA and the contractor of the contractor s employee (s).
This is a non-personal services contract.
To ensure that the individuals providing services under the contract have not engaged in fraud or abuse regarding Sections 1128 and 1128a of the Social Security Act regarding federal health care programs, the contract is required to check the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHSA/OIG), List of Excluded Individuals/Entities on the OIG website ( for each person providing services under this contract. Further the Contractor is required to certify in its proposal that all person listed in the contractor s proposal have been compared against the OIG list and are NOT listed. During the performance of this contract the Contractor is prohibited from using any individual or business listed on the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities.

Scope of Work: The purpose of this requirement is to provide professional and courteous, uniformed and unarmed security guard services, including coordination for higher level of emergency services for various divisions of the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) located in Kenai Borough, Alaska and the VA Mat-Su CBOC 865 N SEWARD PARKWAY, SUITE 105 WASILLA AK 99654. This is for TWO Security Guards. One person is required at each location; (Kenai and Matsu).
The service provided shall be performed in such a manner as to assure the safety and welfare of patients, visitors and staff. The CBOC is currently located at 11312 Kenai Spur Hwy #39 Kenai AK 99611. Exhibit #2 shows the CBOC Floor Plan.
Work Requirement: The Contractor must provide guard services to ensure coverage for the times that each of the CBOCs are open, Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays. The clinics must be patrolled for a total of 45 hours weekly as follows:
Monday 0730 1630 One (1) Guard
Tuesday 0730 1630 One (1) Guard
Wednesday 0730 1630 One (1) Guard
Thursday 0730 1630 One (1) Guard
Friday 0730 1630 One (1) Guard
Supervisor: Contractor shall provide a supervisor available for direct communication with the guard on duty during the entire shift. Supervisors shall have a background with a minimum of two (2) years of successful experience in field supervision (civil community law enforcement, military service law enforcement or security, commercial or industrial guard service or security).
Must not have any criminal record determined to be unacceptable for security enforcement personnel. Documentation of Criminal Background/Warrant check must be provided to Contracting Officer before employee can begin work. Contractor must provide any official bond required, and pay any fees and costs related to the appointment of employees. The Contractor shall assume full liability for any act of his employee(s) in the exercise of any such police authority.
Security Guards Minimum Qualification Standard: Education / Experience: Must possess a high school diploma or equivalency, meet any required State of Alaska Security Guard/Officer certifications, and have ONE (1) year experience demonstrating:
Ability to meet and deal successfully with the general public,
Ability to maintain poise and self-control under stress
Ability to conduct Stop & Question of person s found in closed areas, halls, locked areas, parking lots, or VA property to determine whether criminal activity has taken place or is taking place.
Must be capable of detaining person(s) while VA or Kenai Police are notified
Must have some experience using a word processor or computer terminal
Health and Physical Fitness Requirements: All employees assigned by the Contractor to work under this contract shall be:
A minimum of twenty-one (21) years of age or as required by local laws.
Physically and psychologically capable to perform the required duties. The Government reserves the right to request removal of any guard who appears to be unsuitable to perform the requested service.
Free of any communicable diseases.
Required to have documented tuberculosis testing (TB) every two years. Must have tested as TB-free prior to starting work on this contract.
In good health without physical limitations which would interfere with the performance of the duties of the position. .
Capable of binocular vision correctable to 20/30 (Snellen).
Free of color blindness.

Capable of hearing ordinary conversation at 15ft with either ear without benefit of a hearing aid.
Must pass drug testing, at no cost to the government or the employee, with documentation of passed test filed with the Contracting Officer, before employee can begin duty. A record of each employee s qualifications and Performance Reports must be maintained at the Contractor s establishment and made available for inspection upon request by the Contracting Officer
The employee shall undergo annual physical and psychological examinations and criminal state and federal warrant/background checks with results furnished to the Contracting Officer.
Confidentiality of the Service: Must be able to maintain confidentiality of the position. Must be able to maintain confidentiality of restricted information and reports of personal nature. Will not remove any record or copies of any record or sensitive information from government property. If information is disclosed intentionally or unintentionally, the contractor and the contractor s staff shall keep that information strictly confidential, and provide protections to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of such information, including, but not limited to the protection required by applicable federal, state and local laws and/or regulations regarding the security, and the confidentiality of patient health care information including, but not limited to, HIPAA. Shall complete Privacy training IAW VA directives.
English Literacy: All employees shall be fluent in reading, writing and speaking the English language; able to read and understand printed regulations, detailed written orders, training instructions and material, and shall be able to compose reports which convey complete information. Answer and respond to telephone calls, which include routine and emergency calls with professionalism. Must take phone messages and in-person messages. Maintains VA Police Daily Operations Journal (VA Form 1433).
Duty Hour Limitation: No employee of the Contractor shall provide more than twelve (12) hours of service on this contract in any twenty-four (24) hour period unless the work periods are separated by an eight (8) hour non-duty period with the opportunity for rest. This limitation may be waived by the Contracting Officer in emergency situations that are beyond the control of the Contractor (i.e. weather conditions prevent the next shift from getting to the building).

Government-Furnished Property and Services:
FAR Clause 52.245-4 Government-Furnished Property (Short Form) contains the basic requirements for the operation, maintenance and protection of government property. Below are some key government properties relevant to this contract.
Standard Operation Procedures (SOP): Copies of the SOP s will be available at the duty post and shall contain complete duty instructions for the post and include instructions for emergency and other procedures. SOP shall not be removed from Government property, or reproduced or copied in any manner unless properly authorized by the Contracting Officer. VA reserves the right to update the SOP as required by regulations, policies, procedures or Executive Orders. Most changes should be minor in nature and have no impact on the terms and conditions of this contract. In the event of major changes, the Contracting Officer shall address the issues in writing to the Contractor. As far as possible the Contractor s staff shall implement any change immediately and address any conflicts or issues through the Contractor to the Contracting Officer.
Guard Area: The guard will be provided a workspace with a desk. This may be located in an office or in an open area. The guard will spend the majority of the duty time maintaining a visible presence in both public and clinical areas of the facility.
Security Equipment: Currently VA has a security camera system at the Kenai Clinic. The facility has fire alarms and panic button systems.
Forms: Current forms are listed in Exhibit #3. These forms shall be utilized when applicable. Substitutions of written notes for established forms are not acceptable.
Telephones: A telephone will be available for the Contractor s staff to use to fulfill the requirements of this contract. Any use of the telephones for other than VA related business is inappropriate and may be grounds for removal of the Contractor s staff.
Keys: VA shall provide two sets of keys to the Contractor for each location. Additional sets may be provided if the Contracting Officer deems it in the best interest of the government. The Contractor shall be held liable for neglect or misuse of the keys. If the keys are lost, stolen or misplaced during this contract, the Contractor shall be responsible for re-keying the doors. At any time during the contract the Contracting Officer or designee requests the keys and the Contractor cannot produce them within two business days, the Contractor shall be responsible for re-keying the doors.
Contractor-Furnished Property and Supplies
The Contractor shall furnish and maintain in acceptable condition, at no cost to contract, all items of uniform and equipment necessary to perform work required by this contract, as discussed in this paragraph, and additional items as needed, within reason.
Communication Equipment: The Contractor shall provide a method for immediate communications between the CBOC staff, the guard on duty and the Contractor s Supervisor on duty. This can be by cellular phone or radio system, but must be provided by equipment furnished by the Contractor. This available communication system must be efficient and effective for the fulfillment of the contract.
Uniforms and Appearance: Standard of appearance shall conform to those prescribed herein. Any disputes regarding application of the standard shall be referred to the Contracting Officer
The color of the Contractor s guard force uniforms shall be a standard color in use by security or police organizations. All employees performing under this contract shall wear the same color and style of uniform.
Appropriately lettered breast and cap badges, indicating the jurisdiction from which authority is obtained, shall be worn as part of the uniform (providing such authority is grantable under state and local laws). Shoulder patches lettered to indicate the identity of the Contractor shall be worn on the left shoulder of the uniform jacket and shirt. Identification nametags shall be worn over the right breast shirt pocket. No other identification of the Contractor or employee shall be worn or displayed on the uniform, with the exception of the VA PIV ID badge.
Approved uniforms and related accessories do not have to be new but must be in very good condition without visible tears, frays, discolorations or defects. Provide a listing and pictures of male and female uniform components and uniform options.

Each Security Guard is expected to wear a neat, clean and well pressed uniform and have his/her shoes in good repair and shined to a luster. The uniform shall only be worn when the officer is on official duty or when the officer is in transit between his/her place of residence and duty station.
Shoes shall be low quarters or high topped lace type with police or plain toe and standard heel. The color shall match the color of the leather equipment accessories. Socks worn with the uniform will be either navy blue or black.
The color of the uniform accessories and equipment shall be standard black or brown, as may be appropriate to match the uniform. However, mixed of both brown and black accessories are not acceptable.
Inclement weather clothing shall be required for those guards required to perform duties while exposed to cold, rain, or other inclement weather conditions. All inclement weather clothing must be identical in style and color for each guard.
Each Security Guard is expected to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and uniform appearance. Hair should be neatly trimmed and not extended below the shirt collar. Sideburns should not extend past the lower edge of the ear, nor be wider than 1/2 inch at the bottom.
Supplementary Equipment:
Each guard on duty shall be equipped with supplementary equipment including, but not limited to, notebooks, pens, pencils, replacement flashlight batteries and bulbs, and traffic control safety apparel (reflective vests, gloves, ,etc.), as appropriate to operations. Guard shall not be permitted to provide themselves any unauthorized supplemental, personal item, or other non-standard items that distract from their duties.
Performance Requirements:
Initial Start-up: A post award conference will be held at a time and place designated by the Contracting Officer to be attended by the Contractor, the Contractor s supervisor, the Contracting Officer s Representative and the Contracting Officer or other officials designated by the Contracting Officer. The conference agenda will include as a minimum:
Performance requirements including staffing plans
Training requirements

Certification of personnel qualifications
Uniform and accessory requirements
Government furnished property and services
Contractor furnished property and services
Quality Assurance
The Contractor s Supervisor shall visit the Outpatient Clinic with Contract personnel before performance under contract for the purpose of performance orientation and site/equipment operation orientation. Orientation of new guards after award of contract shall be documented and submitted to the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) or Contracting Officer prior to providing the services to VA. VA must approve all initial and new personnel prior to services being provided.
The Contractor shall take all necessary steps to reduce changes in the staff providing services to the VA. Since VA incurs a cost for training and orientation for replacement of staff members, this cost may be passed onto the Contractor. See Deductions.
To be eligible to perform under this contract each contract employee must meet the minimum required training outlined in Exhibit #3 Minimum Contractor Furnished Training, and Exhibit #4 Minimum Government Furnished Training.
Contractor Furnished Training will be completed prior to the staff providing services to VA. Government furnished training as outlined in Exhibit #8 will be given to Contractor personnel during their normal duty hours.
Contractor furnished training
The Contractor shall submit to the Contracting Officer written certification that each contract employee has been trained in the subject areas outlined in Exhibit #4 prior to assignment under this contract. For replacement or new employees, documentation must complete before being employed in support of this contract.

All formal training required shall be presented by persons who are certified or qualified to instruct the specific required subjects. Certification to instruct the specific subject shall be in form of a certificate issued by an accredited institution of learning (school, college, university, etc.), a governmental (Federal, State, County, etc.) educational certification body (agency, board, commission, etc.) or by documentation that the person instruction has sufficient experience in the subject matter to be able to instruct the subject in an authoritative, practical and current manner.
In addition to the 26 hours of formal training, the Contractor shall provide follow-up orientation for each employee during the first two days of the initial assignment to duty. This orientation may be accomplished while the guards are on duty. The Contractor shall certify the completion of the follow-up orientation for each guard to the COR with 30 days following assignment to duty. The follow-up orientation will include the following subjects as may be required:
General and specific orders for the facility
Policy and specific procedures for responding to emergency alarms, bomb threats, incendiary in the facility
Procedure for operating the security systems with the facility
Procedure for, and operation of, the firefighting equipment within the facility
Vehicle and traffic parking control
The contractor shall submit to the Contracting Officer written certification of the follow-up orientation.
On-Site Supervision:
The Contractor shall provide the name(s), telephone number(s) and addresses of the contractor supervisors, in writing, to the Contracting Officer prior to performance under this contract. The term contractor supervisor means a person designated in writing by the Contractor to handle the day-to-day issues arising from the contract. The contractor supervisor shall not simultaneously perform the duties of supervisor and guard under the terms of this contract.

The Contractor shall provide the level of supervision to ensure that employees are properly performing all duties as specified in accordance with the contract. A Contract Supervisor shall be available during the entire time while the guard is on duty and perform scheduled and unscheduled reviews for quality assurance and contract compliance.
The contractor supervisor shall assure that guard(s):
Have an available resource for advice, problem solving, conflict management, etc. at a higher level than themselves
Are in uniform and present a neat appearance
Maintain a continued state of proper training
Possess the necessary permits, authority, etc.
Maintain continued liaison with the designated COR or designated alternate.
Guard Services:
Assignments may include but are not limited to the following:
Patrols: At the beginning of each workday, a complete foot patrol of the interior and exterior of the clinic will he accomplished. Should it be determined that illegal access to the clinic had been gained, refer to Standard Operating Procedures. The Contract Security Guard/s will, at random so as not to establish a pattern, conduct a minimum of six internal foot patrols and four external foot patrol of the clinic. These random patrols will be logged on VA Form 10-1433, Daily Operation Log. (See Government Furnished Forms for Contractor Use in Attachment/s section of this document.) Prior to the end of the tour of duty at the clinic, a complete and thorough foot patrol of the clinic will be accomplished.
Post: The primary post for the clinic may be inside the main entrance near the front desk. While assigned to the post, the Contract Security Guard will respond to all calls for assistance as quickly and safely as possible.
Vigilance: While at the security desk and on moving patrol, Contract Security Guard will remain alert to all activities in and outside the clinic, (suspicious behavior, potential violent persons, etc.). Observe all personnel entering facility when suspected of carrying weapons, showing hostility, or being unauthorized personnel (e.g., unaccompanied children, solicitors). At all times the Contract Security Guard will be courteous.
Alarms: In the event of a fire alarm, the Contract Security Guard will assist in the orderly evacuation (if necessary) and assist in crowd control and traffic control until the arrival of the Fire and Police Department. Direct Fire Department to fire scene.
Emergencies: All occurrences within the Clinic (criminal activity, fire, bomb threat, etc.) will be documented on Government furnished, VA Form 10-1393, and Uniform Offense Report, (See Government Furnished Forms for Contractor Use). If local law enforcement is called into service, Contract guard may be required to complete local government reports/forms. The Security Guard will request all visitors/volunteers to leave buildings during a bomb threat. No visitor/volunteer shall be allowed to enter/re-enter the building until the "all-clear" has been given. The Security Guard is responsible for all traffic and crowd control during a bomb threat emergency. In the case of any emergency condition the guard shall respond in accordance with the SOP, government-provided training and Contractor-provided training. The Security Guard is responsible for the exercise of leadership, control and direction during emergency response to areas which threaten the lives of personnel on VA property. Remaining calm and professional is the minimal expectation. If the guard, in response to an emergency situation, is required to leave the post in order to comply with VA or Law Enforcement directives, the time away from the duty post will not be considered as a failure of the Contractor to provide services.
Log: Government furnished, VA Form 10-1433, Daily Operation Log, (See Government Furnished Forms for Contractor Use in Attachment/s section of this document.), will be completed daily on the computerized system or as directed during system failures, and turned in the following morning to the administrative officer of the clinic. Completes other VA forms necessary to document events as trained. Perform routine clerical duties associated with this position.
Unarmed: The Contract Security Guard/s will not be armed with a firearm, nightstick, chemical deterrent or any other weapon. Peace Officers not on official business, and all other persons will be requested to leave their firearms properly secured in their car.
Intervention: Security guards when requested will shadow potentially violent patients staying only close enough to intervene if required. In these situations security guards will make every effort to disguise their actions. Security guards responding to problems with a patient shall only intervene if the individual is going to cause bodily harm to self, other patients or staff. The security guard shall call the proper police authorities for assistance or escort individual/s off premises. When VA employees are involved in handling the patient, security guards shall not intervene unless directed to do so or it is obvious their intervention is required.
Assistance: May be requested to assist assigned personnel with a patient that is incapacitated.
Screening: Operate and enforce a system of personnel identification, recognizing that certain areas are restricted to employees only or only certain employees. Discover and detain persons attempting to gain unauthorized access to the property. Observe building occupants and visitors for compliance with posted rules and regulations. Monitor surveillance cameras where installed.
Inspection: Perform package inspection when required. Public areas of the Clinic may be searched at any time without a warrant. Security Guards will not routinely search packages or other articles leaving the buildings. However, when necessary the Stop and Question Procedure will be used.
Security and fire systems: Monitor building fire and intrusion detection systems and other protection devices or building equipment.
Lost and found: Receive, issue receipt, and store found articles pending disposition, using VA Form 3524, Exhibit 8.
Law and order: Maintain law and order within the areas of assignment. Perform such other functions as may be necessary in the event of situation or occurrences such as civil disturbances or other criminal acts adversely affecting the security and safety of the Government, its employees, property and the general public lawfully on buildings or on the grounds under the control of the Government.
Hazardous conditions: Report daily, in accordance with procedure in the Standard Operating Procedures, potentially hazardous conditions and items in need of repair, including inoperative lights, leaky faucets, toilet stoppages, broken or slippery floor surfaces, etc.
Flying the United States Flag: The United States Flag (and other authorized, POW/MIA) shall be flown or displayed as trained by VA and as directed regarding half-mast displays. The guard shall assist the staff in displaying the flag as appropriate.
Additional duties: Turn off unnecessary lights, check safes, lock-type repositories, and cabinets, open and secure doors and gates, etc.
Injury or illness: Obtain professional assistance in accordance with procedures in the SOP in the event of injury or illness to Government employees or others while in the building or on the grounds. This will vary between locations.
Compliance with the SOP: Perform the duties outlined in the SOP that has been prepared for the post. This record defines the basic work to be performed. Except for emergencies, no deviations shall be made. See Standard Operating Procedures under Government Furnished Property.
As required in FAR 52.228-5 Insurance Work of a Government Installation, the Contractor shall obtain and maintain all liability, workers compensation, and all other occupational, business or trade related insurances as required within the State where the services are being performed. Proof of insurance shall be provided prior to the start of services and shall be available upon request by the Contracting Officer throughout the entire contract period. Failure to maintain required insurance is grounds for contract termination.
All information, invoices and correspondences submitted to the Contracting Officer or Contracting Officer s Representative shall clearly indicate the Contract Number for which the information is being submitted.
The role of Government Personnel and Responsibility for Contract Administration are:
Contracting Officer:
The Contracting Officer has the overall responsibility for the Administration of this contract. He/she alone, without delegation, is authorized to take actions on behalf of the Government to: amend, modify or deviate from the contract terms, conditions requirements, specifications, detains and/or delivery schedule; make final decisions on disputed deductions from contract payment for non-performance; terminate the contract for convenience or default; issue final decisions regarding contract questions or matters under dispute. However, he/she may delegate certain other responsibilities to his/her authorized technical representative(s).
Contracting Officer s Representative (COR):
The Chief of VA Police is designated as the COR for the building security and human safety. A secondary COR at the CBOC may also be appointed for the day-to-day operation of the contract, which may include fitness for duty reviews. The responsibilities of the COR include but are not limited to: determining the adequacy of performance by the Contractor or accordance with the terms and conditions of this contract; acting as the Government s representative in charge of work at the site; ensuring compliance with contract requirement insofar as the work is concerned; advising the Contractor of non-performance or unsatisfactory performance; and advising and documenting to the Contracting Officer of any issues regarding non-performance, non-compliance or elements of any issues that affect deductions.
Ordinance, Taxes, Permits, and Licenses:
Without and additional cost to the Government, the Contractor shall:
Fully comply with all local, City, State, and Federal laws, regulations, and ordinances
Be liable for all applicable Federal, State, and local taxes
Obtain and pay for all permits and licenses governing performance of the contract.
Identification Credentials:
The Contractor is responsible for his employees having all required identification credentials in their possession at all times while on the protected premises
Under this contract, the required credentials must contain the following for each contract employee:
A photograph of the employee that is at least one inch square. The photograph will show as a minimum the head and shoulders of the employee and will be no more than one year old at the time the credential is issued.

A printed personal description consisting of the employee s name, sex, birth date, height, weight, hair color, eye color.
Date issued
Signature of the employee
Identification of a validation by the issuing authority.
TRAINING: All contractor employees employee s requiring physical access to VA shall complete the following before being granted physical access to the VA:
Successfully complete the appropriate VA privacy training and annuallyB complete required privacy training.
The contractor shall provide to the contracting officer and/or the COR a copy of the training certificates and certification of signing the Contractor Rules of Behavior for each applicable employee within 1 week of the initiation of the contract and annually thereafter, as required.
Failure to complete the mandatory annual privacy training, within the timeframe required, is grounds for 5% for each day late (5% x number of days late) deducted from invoice (Max number of days 15) until such time as the training is complete.
The following security determination for this position is:
1. Position Risk In accordance with IL0710 and VA form 2280a the position risk has been designated as Low Risk/Nonsensitive.
2. Background Investigation - The level of background investigation to be initiated is NACI.
All contractor employees who require physical access to the Department of Veterans Affairs' facilities shall be the subject to a Complete Background Investigation. Current VA policies do require a contractor have the following before unescorted access may be granted to the VA facilities and/or access to VA Information Technology resources (network and/or protected data):

A favorably adjudicated Special Agreement Check (SAC) or Closed, No Issues SAC fingerprint results;
Training delineated in VA handbook 6500.6 (Appendix C, Section 9). and,
Signed Contractors Rules of Behavior
A contractor may be sponsored by a VA Employee for a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card upon confirmation that the appropriate level of background investigation for the position risk and sensitivity level has been scheduled by OPM.
This requirement is applicable to all subcontractor personnel requiring the same access.B All paper work required in paragraph (1-6) must be accepted as complete by the Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) prior to contract performance.B If the investigation is not completed prior to the start of the contract, the contractor will be responsible for the actions of those individuals they provide to perform work for VA.
Please note that all of the following items must be completed by each contract employee, prior to commencing work.B
STEP ONE: Complete Background Investigation Request Worksheet:B Within five business days of receiving award, the contractor shall submit a completed Background Investigation Request Worksheet (Form #1) that lists all contractor employees who will be working on the [insert one: contract or task order] to the COR who will then submit to the VHA Service Center (VSC) Personnel Security Office via password protected or encrypted e-mail to or fax to (216) 447-8020.B Note: due to the personal information contained in the Background Investigation Request Worksheet, the information must be sent in a secure manner. B Please DO NOT e-mail a document containing social security number unless the e-mail is encrypted.B
Within five business days of receiving the Background Investigation Request Worksheet, the VSC Personnel Security Office will enter a background investigation request into the VA Security Investigation Center (SIC) Contractor Request Database (CRD) for each contractor employee.B When the request is entered, an automated initial e-mail is sent to the contractor point of contact listed on the Background Investigation Request Worksheet. The automated e-mail identifies the background investigation level requested and provides a website link with further instructions.B
If a contractor employee has a background investigation from another federal agency, it may be reciprocated as long as the background investigation meets the appropriate level designated in the current statement of work and has occurred within the last five years with a favorable adjudication and no break in service.B Please be aware that any public trust case that is older than two years and does not have a favorable adjudication cannot be reciprocated unless it was a no issue case.B
VSC Personnel Security Office staff will coordinate with the VA Security and Investigations Center (SIC) staff to verify reciprocity.B If the contractor employee receives the automated e-mail from the VA SIC CRD and believes he/she may be eligible for reciprocity, please contact the VA SIC using the contact information in the e-mail.B Reciprocity is NOT automatic.B If a background investigation can be reciprocated, the VA SIC will send an e-mail notification to the contractor.
Note:B As contract personnel are added to the contract or order, the Background Investigation Request Worksheet must be updated and submitted to the VSC Personnel Security Office so that a background investigation can be initiated.B The additional contract employee cannot start work until all security requirements listed are completed.B
STEP TWO: Complete Special Agreement Check (SAC) (Fingerprinting): ALL contractor employees are required to be fingerprinted within 14 calendar days of this notice, except for those who received an e-mail from the VA SIC confirming reciprocity.B Courtesy electronic fingerprints can be obtained at some VA facilities.B Please contact the Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) to schedule a fingerprinting appointment at a VA facility as soon as possible.B Each contractor employee shall take a copy of the VHA Special Agreement Check (SAC) Memorandum (Form #2) to the fingerprinting appointment and complete it.B Completed forms shall be faxed to the VSC Personnel Security Office at (216) 447-8020 the same day the contractor employee is fingerprinted.
OPM sends the results of the SAC to the VSC Personnel Security Office within 5 days. The VSC Personnel Security Office reviews the results and makes an adjudication recommendation to the CO within 10 days, who will inform the Contractor COR of the outcome.B
STEP THREE: Complete and Submit Background Investigation Documents: Upon receipt of the automated e-mail from the VA SIC CRD (see Step One), each contractor employee who did not receive a reciprocation notice, must complete and submit the required documents to the VA SIC within five business days.B The submission address will be provided in the automated e-mail.B Do not send completed documents to the VA SIC before being fingerprinted or before receiving the initial automated e-mail THE DOCUMENTS WILL BE RETURNED.
The VA SIC reviews the documents within seven business days for completion and accuracy.B If the documents do not contain any errors, the VA SIC forwards them to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to conduct the background investigation.B If the documents contain errors, the VA SIC will return them to the contractor with corrective instructions.B The corrections must be made immediately and sent back to the VA SIC.B Once the documents are completed correctly and VA SIC forwards them to OPM, an automated e-mail is sent to the contractor point of contact stating that the background investigation has been initiated.
On the 20th day, if the VA SIC has not received a completed package, the Contractor COR will receive an e-mail notification that the request is still pending and has not been initiated.B On the 40th day, if the VA SIC has not received a completed package, the Contractor COR will receive an email stating that the request has been terminated and the contractor employee must be replaced due to non-compliance with security requirements and a new background investigation request will need to be submitted.
STEP FOUR: Obtain Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card (Security Badge):B Each contractor, and/ or sub- contractor employee is required to obtain a PIV Card for physical access.B In order to be eligible to receive a PIV Card, the contractor employee must have both a favorable SAC completion and an initiated background investigation (or reciprocation).B Within five business days of reciprocation or receiving notice of initiated background investigation and favorable SAC adjudication, the contractor employee must complete the VHA Service Center Contractor PIV Sponsorship Form (Form #3) and submit it to the Contract COR for submission to VSC Personnel Security Office via e-mail at or fax it to (216) 447-8020.
STEP FIVE: Complete Required Training and Sign Contractor Rules of Behavior:B All contractor employees shall complete the training indicated in the solicitation. The contractor shall provide copies of training certificates and signed Contractor Rules of Behavior for each employee within five business days of reciprocation or receiving notice of initiated background investigation and favorable SAC adjudication contractor and annually thereafter to the Contracting Officer and the COR.B In order to obtain access to the VA training via the VA s Talent Management System (TMS), please contact the COR.
Required documents:
U:\My Documents\Contract Security\Contract Security Forms\VSC Security Request Packet_Complete Packet_APRIL 2012 -3.pdf .
Standard of Conduct:
The Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining satisfactory standards of employee competency, conduct, appearance, and integrity and shall be responsible for taking such disciplinary action with respect to his employees as may be necessary. The Contractor is also responsible for ensuring that his employees do not disturb papers on desks, open drawers or cabinets, or use Government telephones, except as authorized. Each guard is expected to adhere to standards of behavior that reflect credit to himself/herself, his/her employer and the Federal Government.
Recording Presence:
Each contract employee must sign in when reporting for duty and sign out when leaving at the end of the workday using the automated VA Form 1433.
Reporting Staff-Hours Provided:
The Contractor shall submit to the COR on the last working day of the month, a verification report showing the staff-hours provided. The Contractor shall certify the report as to its accuracy. The VA will use the verification report to verify compliance with the staff-hour requirements of the contract.
Removal from Duty
The Government may also request the Contractor to immediately remove any employee(s) from the worksite(s) should it be determined that individuals are being assigned to duty who have been disqualified for either suitability or security reasons, or who are found to be unfit for performing security duties during their tour of duty. The Contractor must comply with these requests. For clarification, a determination of unfit may be made for, but not limited to, incidents involving the most immediately identifiable types of misconduct or delinquency as set forth below:
Violation of the SOP and other VA Rules and Regulations addressed in VA training and orientation

Violation of Federal, State or local laws, rules, and/or regulations
Neglect of duty, including sleeping while on duty, unreasonable delays, or failure to carry out assigned tasks, conducting personal affairs during official time, and refusing to render assistance or cooperate in upholding the integrity of the security program at the work site.
Falsification or unlawful concealment, removal, mutilation or destruction of any official documents or records, or concealment of material facts by willful omissions from official documents or records.
Disorderly conduct, use of abusive or offensive language, quarreling, intimidation by words or actions, or fighting. Also participating in disruptive activities that interfere with the normal or efficient operations of the Government.
Theft, vandalism, immoral conduct, or other criminal actions
Selling, consuming, or being under the influence of intoxicants, drugs, or other substances that produce similar effects.
Improper use of official authority or credentials:
Unauthorized use of communications equipment or Government property.
Violation of security procedures or regulations
The Contracting Officer, COR or Highest Ranking VA Authority on site, will make all determinations regarding the removal of any employee from the worksite. In the event of a dispute, the Contracting Officer will make the final determination. If requested, the Contracting Officer will provide specific reasons for removal of an employee to the Contractor in writing.
Prohibition Against Subcontracting:
The Contractor will not subcontract any work required by this contract without express written approval of the Contracting Officer. If the Contracting Officer authorized the Contractor to subcontract any part of the work required by this contract, a copy of such subcontract shall be provided to the Contracting Officer PRIOR TO SUBCONTRACTOR START.

List of Exhibits:
Exhibit Number Title
Government Furnished Forms for Contractor Use
Minimum Contractor Furnished Training
Minimum Government Furnished Training
Task Inventory List


VA Police Operations Journal VA Form 1433
Voluntary Witness Statement VA Form 0024
Continuation Sheet VA Form 0024a
Visitor Register VA Form 4793
Courtesy Violation Notice VA Form 6160
Evidence or Property Custody Record VA Form 3524
Disciplinary Control of Beneficiaries VAR 6066 (See 17.66)
Safeguarding Personal Information - VA Records VAR 575-583
Disclosure of Misuse of Information VAR 815
Prohibited Possessions M-1, Pt. VII, Chap. 9, Sec 11
Patient Conduct M-1, Pt. I, Chap. 1, Sec. IV, Para. 1.26
Alcoholic Beverages M-1, Pt. I, Chap I, Para., 1A2
Center Security & Law Enforcement DM7S Supp MP-1, Pt1, Chap 2, Sec B
Preparation for Assaultive Behavior DM&S IL 13-78~5, Engr. Svc. Ltr. 23
Management of Assaultive and Dangerous DM&S IL 11-78-34, Prof. Svc. Patients
Bomb Threat Incident Plans DM&S, VACO Ltr. May 1975
Prevention and Management of Disturbed Behavior DM&S Circular 10-83-53
Responsibility to Ret. Pts. to Hospitals OP GC 11-76
Juvenile Offenses Occurring on VA Property OP GC 23-75
Authority of VA to Inspect Packages OP OC 841 OP GC 3-71
Hot Pursuit, Extract OC Bulletin Vol. 2, No.24, 11-15-76
Damage to Government Property OP GC 50-55
CBOC Policies and Procedures
Note: VA may modify this list at any time.



Subject Hours Description

Police Authority and duties of a 3 Discuss the law enforcement authority,
Security Guard jurisdiction, and duties.

Patrol Methods and skills employed 4 Examine and instruct in various methods in patrol of the facility.

Role of VA Police and local, State, and 2 Discuss jurisdiction in terms of who to notify for Federal law enforcement agencies various crimes committed.

Facility entry and exit control 2 Explanation of various means of
Importance of identification of personnel physical security
and controlling vehicle entry into facility.

How the following apply to the performance of this contract:

Laws of Arrest 6 Arrest authority, requirements for arrest, constitutional rights.

Search and Seizure 6 Lawful requirements for a search, stop, and frisk, warrants.

Basic Report Writing 3 Techniques of reporting and recording information related to crimes and
incidents, elements of good reports.


Subject Hours Description

Orientation (scheduled at the worksite) 2 Discuss the facility to include its function, importance and the role of the Security Guard mission. Discuss standards of appearance and grooming.
Conduct tour of facility stressing physical security and fire prevention
systems. Discuss differences between
guard and VA Police Authority

Completion of VA Security and Law 2 Develop and understanding of the types and Enforcement Forms and reports requirements of reports and forms. Conduct exercises in preparation of
report forms.

Handling disturbances, assaultive 2 Explain various conditions surrounding incidents of patients, disorderly this type and appropriate responses to
conduct, etc. each.

Package examination, stop and 2 Provide guard with rules governing question detention, and investigative these practices. Discuss appropriate
procedures procedures.

Standard Operating Procedures 1 Acquaint guard with purpose and contents of the operating instructions manual.

Response to bomb threats and 1 Review the bomb threat and disaster other disasters. plan and actions to be taken by

General VA Training for all parties 12 Training regarding patient safety,
with repeated or daily presence disclosure, equal treatment, VA s
on VA property (NEO) Mission, and other issues
required for all employees, volunteers,
and certain contract service providers.*

*This training is planned to be held on-site at the Muldoon Clinic. This will not coincide with the regular duties of the guard. It is a classroom application. VA agrees to reimburse the Contractor for the actual wages, travel, meals and lodging paid to the employee in training for the appropriate amount of hours. TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT: The Contractor shall be reimbursed for travel made at the direction of the Government, only. In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 31.205-46, Reimbursable travel expenses are as follows (quoting directly from FAR 31.205-46):
(a) Costs for transportation, lodging, meals, and incidental expenses. New Employee Orientation (NEO) and all associated mandatory VA training prior to performing work under this contract.




Alaska VA Healthcare System (463)







Exhibits a helpful, friendly and courteous attitude in his/her contact with patients, visitors, and employees in order to maintain proper human and public relations in keeping with VA goals and objects.

Responds to alarms and requests for emergency assistance in order to prevent bodily harm to patients, visitors and employees as well as theft of government or personal property.

Patrols buildings and grounds in order to provide a visible deterrent to criminal or disruptive activity, thereby ensuring the safety and well-being of patients, visitors, and employees, using basic patrol techniques and schedules as provided by contractor and government.

Provides directions and escorts for persons who are disoriented or unfamiliar with the VA location in order to help them find their destination utilizing knowledge of clinic layout.

Identify persons with disruptive behavioral problems and escort them to appropriate clinic in order to ensure that the normal operation of the clinic is not disrupted; at the same time ensuring the safety and wellbeing of other patients, employees and visitors.

Maintains an alert posture for criminal activity, security and safety violations and takes appropriate corrective action in compliance with the SOP and training.

Enforces posted VA policies and procedures referencing package inspection. Stops and questions persons removing government property from clinic without properly executed property pass approved by the CBOC director or his/her representative.

Responds to fire alarms, assists in evacuating persons from danger. Assists in extinguishing or fighting the fire until fire department arrives.

Prepares and maintains VA Police Daily Operational Journal that is computerized.

Reports traffic accidents as required in order to obtain medical assistance if required, restores normal flow of traffic, and completes report as required. Notifies local law enforcement agencies when applicable.

Reports traffic accidents as required in order to obtain medical assistance if required, restores normal flow of traffic, and completes report as required. Notifies local law enforcement agencies if applicable.
Reports traffic accidents as required in order to obtain medical assistance if required, restores normal flow of traffic, and completes report as required. Notifies local law enforcement agencies when applicable.

Seeks voluntary compliance by patients, visitors, and employees of posted VA regulations.

Enforces smoking regulations as outlined in VA policies and procedures.

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