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DOING BUSINESS WITH THE GPO: Contractors wishing to do business with the GPO are referred to the GPO web site , where one can register as a GPO contractor using the 'GPO Contractor Connection' link in accordance with the furnished instructions on this page.


NOTE: Prospective as well as existing GPO contractors are to note that, as of 1/1/08, all contractors seeking to do business with the GPO must first complete and thereafter maintain the accuracy of its GPO Contractor Connection registration with the following mandatory taxpayer information boxes: "EIN/TIN #" Employer Identification Number of Taxpayer Identification Number): "Subject to Backup Withholding" (See Form W-9). The GPO will withhold payment of any invoices for work completed by any contractor who fails to provide this tax data in GPO Contractor Connection. Such invoices will be declared ineligible for payment until all requirements for payment, including providing this tax data in GPO Contractor Connection, have been satisfied.


GPO CONTRACT TERMS:  Any contract which results from this Invitation for Bid will be subject to the applicable provisions, clauses, and supplemental specifications of GPO Contract Terms (GPO Publication 310.2, effective December 1, 1987 (Rev. 01-18)) and GPO Contract Terms, Quality Assurance Through Attributes Program for Printing and Binding (GPO Publication 310.1, effective May 1979 (revised 8-02)).


GPO Contract Terms (GPO Publication 310.2) -


GPO QATAP (GPO Publication 310.1) -


BIDDERS, PLEASE NOTE: GPO has issued a new GPO Publication 310.2, GPO Contract Terms - Solicitation Provisions, Supplemental Specifications, and Contract Clauses (Rev 1-18).  Prospective bidders should carefully read this publication as the applicable terms within become an integral part of this contract. The document is posted at along with a list of major revisions. 


Download the final specifications at:

TITLE: Scanning
SCOPE: These specifications cover the production of scanning of pages and engineering drawings, requiring such operations as OCR scanning, disassembling - reassembling of camera copy, indexing, copying, packing and delivery. Documents will be scanned with a universal file extension, including TIFF, PDF and JPG files, normally at a 10:1 ratio. All scanning will be true optical resolution, interpolating to a higher resolution will not be permitted.

BID OPENING DATE: November 7, 2019

Felicia Buchko, Printing Specialist, Phone 2067643726, Email - Roland Whitehurst, Phone 2067643726, Email

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